The Pall Mall cigarettes are one of the most established cigarette brands. There are several stories that are intrinsically linked to the presence of their names.

Some are convinced that Pall Mall cigarettes are named after the narrow passage of the same name in London. Perhaps now no one can ever understand by whose name these cigarettes were named.

It is well known that the first Pall Mall cigarettes marketed for sale in the late 19th century were introduced in 1899 and the Butler & Butler Company was the first owner of this brand of cigarettes.

From the beginning, these cigarettes were only presented as premium cigarettes. This brand of cigarettes has been owned by the American Tobacco Company since 1907.

With an ultimate goal of popularizing these cigarettes to a large number of new customers, as would be expected of the Pall Mall brand, the manufacturing companies took an extraordinary approach – they had developed and named the new (85mm long) cigarettes than king size cigarettes.

However, these cigarettes became really famous in the 1960s, and the urge to experiment helped all along.

At that time the leaders of American Tobacco decided to introduce a more extended shape of cigarettes, which was 100 mm long. Again, considered a tremendous accomplishment, Pall Mall cigarettes were transformed into the most popular product in Australia.

Right now, the Pall Mall cigarette brand is owned by the world’s second tobacco company – British American Tobacco, which is one of the top four cigarette companies.
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