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Are electronic cigarettes safe for older adults?

Get some answers

I’m trying to quit smoking, and I plan to switch over to electronic cigarettes. I’ve heard they won’t harm your lungs because they don’t emit smoke. The give off a safe vapor that you inhale instead of harmful smoke.

You can choose cartridges that come in different flavors and different levels of nicotine. They sound too good to be true, so I was wondering are electronic cigarettes safe for older adults. From what I’ve read at are electronic cigarettes safe or not article, it seems like they are. They don’t give off harmful second hand smoke and the cartridges are made from safe ingredients too.

The heating mechanism seems safe as well. Electronic cigarettes don’t feel hot and can’t spontaneously combust either. It’s impossible to sit on them the wrong way, or have it activate in your purse. They just don’t work like that.

The only potential thing I could see that isn’t safe is if you choose a cartridge that has too much nicotine in it. You could have a negative reaction to the nicotine, like elevated blood pressure. Of course, if you did do that, the fault would be yours. I’ve been reading about electronic cigarettes a lot, and I just don’t see any drawbacks.