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The toilets, the tap water and the local attitude toward stray dogs might be highly questionable, but there s one advantage to hanging out in Sochi, Russia if you re a smoker.

A pack of Marlboro (NYSE PM) cigarettes costs less than $2 in Russia, on average, according to Numbeo, a crowdsourced database of the prices of goods and services around the world.

But that’s not even the cheapest price of a pack. If you re willing to go to Pakistan for your nicotine fix, you can score a pack of Marlboros for just 98 cents.

A pack of Marlboros will set you back by more than 16 times that amount in Australia, where they cost $16.11, the most expensive place to purchase cigarettes. Overall, cigarettes tend to be more expensive in Europe and North America.

The average reported cost of a pack of Marlboros in the United States was $6. However, there is a fairly large spread of prices within the U.S. For a map of cigarette excise taxes and prices in each state, click here.

Here s a map of the 123 countries for which data was available on the Numbeo database. Click on any country to see how much a pack of Marlboros retails for, on average

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