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Comparison of the top 3 e cigarette brands

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Depending on which websites you go to, the top 3 e cigarette brands are disputably V2, Blu Cigs, and Green Smoke. There are many models on the market, but read how these three brands compare with one another.


Most reviewers are grateful that their e cigs feel like traditional cigarettes. Anyone switching from original to electronic smoking knows it is important that there not be too many changes at once. Cigarettes can even look like the old style smokes.

Each brand does the same thing heats liquid nicotine to provide vapor using battery power. Instead of burning tobacco, consumers are warming a flavorful liquid. All three brands provide a number of flavor selections including tobacco, menthol, and specialty flavors.

As for flavors, all three give you choices that are delectable or traditional. Where V2 Cigs stands out is in their added selection which includes chocolate. They are also noted for a smooth draw. With Blu, though, notice you get something unusual among flavors with a Peach Schnapps.

Starter Kits

Blu Cigs, Green Smoke, and V2 all make money saving starter kits. These are kits which come with a wall charger, USB adaptor, e cig, cartridges, battery (or batteries), and other items important to the beginner’s experience. Prices vary, but so do contents.


V2 gives consumers a lifetime warranty against their products. This shows that they stand behind their products. Green Smoke also provides this warranty as a way to indicate that they back their products and value their customers. Blu Cigs only offer a one year warranty. Where industry standards are concerned this is decent, but it does not measure up to V2 or Green Smoke.


Some reviewers are impressed by packaging, and in this case Green Smoke wins out. The reason is the idea that smoking electronically is “green” whereas ordinary smoking is definitely not. Environmentally conscientious smokers will definitely be drawn to Green Smoke.


As for battery power, V2 comes out the clear winner. Most batteries offer less than 4 volts, but V2 uses a 4.2 volt battery giving consumers more satisfying vapor with every puff. Their customers can also choose between manual and automatic batteries. Why opt for manual batteries when the stick can do all you want without any effort on your part? An automatic battery is activated by puffing, meaning the liquid is not as hot as it could be. With a manual the vapor is heated before you puff. There is no delay and more vapor.

Also, there are three battery lengths from V2. The bigger your battery is, the more vaping you can do before recharging it.


Color choices might not affect the power or vapor of an e cigarette, but consumers like to have choices. If you do not like too many choices, V2 is not for you. Their list of colors and options can be too much, especially when you move on to Vapor Couture (their slim brand geared towards female smokers). On the other hand, if your e cig is as much a fashion accessory and a statement of personality as it is a vaping tool, then color matters. Select from 4 battery colors versus two from Blu Cig and two from Green Smoke.

Beyond the Standard

There are industry standards which provide safety to customers of e cigs. For example, nicotine liquid is made from FDA approved ingredients. Where V2 goes beyond standards is by providing batch testing at their facility. If there is something wrong with your cartridge, let customer service know the batch number. Return it for a replacement and they will also find out if other customers have had problems with their cartridges. This way they can prevent potential problems with liquid in the future.

Blu Cigs offer something that matters to American smokers American made flavors.