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    Morning update: ‘sexual’ e-cigarette ad banned before 11pm; krispy kernals back with hilarious zen ad; mcdonald’s experiments with snapchat – mumbrella

    : buy djarum cigarettes online – yam????

    This is our Morning Update, rounding up international media and marketing news from while you were sleeping.

    The Huffington Post ‘Sexual’ VIP E Cigarette Advert Banned Before 11pm By Advertising Standards Authority

    “Two television adverts for an electronic cigarette brand have been banned before 11pm following 1,156 complaints that they were overly sexual and exploited women.

    The ads for VIP e cigarettes, which carried a post 9pm restriction and also appeared on the advertiser’s YouTube channel, drew complaints that dialogue between a man and woman contained references to oral sex.

    A number of complainants said they understood an accompanying female voice over saying “If you’re gonna vape, vape with VIP” was “wordplay on the term rape”.”

    The Guardian Rebekah Brooks was asked to be witness in hacking inquiry, jury told

    “Rebekah Brooks was asked to be a prosecution witness in Scotland Yard’s first investigation into phone hacking in 2006, the Old Bailey has heard.

    Brooks was asked to consider giving evidence at a future possible trial of private investigator Glenn Mulcaire for alleged phone hacking on behalf of the News of the World during a private briefing she had with police in the RAC Club in London on 14 September 2006.”

    AdWeek Your Moment of Zen Krispy Kernels Returns With Another Hilariously Strange Ad

    “Canadian snack maker Krispy Kernels had a sleeper hit a couple of years ago with its “Couch” commercial, a delightful bit of oddvertising that absconded from Cannes with a bronze Lion.

    Now the brand is back with this amusing new ad, “Meditation,” which mixes zen meditation with furtive snack eating, with unexpected results.”

    AdAge McDonald’s Joins Throng of Marketers Experimenting With Snapchat

    “Snapchat isn’t just for millennials anymore. It’s also for brands trying to reach them.

    McDonald’s has joined the parade of marketers experimenting with the ephemeral messaging service photos and videos disappear after 10 seconds and it has enlisted basketball star Lebron James to promote its new account.”

    Mashable Heartbreaking Ad Challenges Assumptions About Single Parents

    “This 7 minute ad from Thailand is worth your time.

    The spot, which promotes Wacoal Thailand, a lingerie manufacturer, tells the story of Jane, who faces societal prejudices for being a single mother. The ad shows how she manages to go to school and still provide a loving household for her daughter, June. Along the way, she meets a sympathetic man who finds her beautiful.”

    The New York Times Disney Throws Open the Gates to Its Own Digital Movie Service

    “As consumers display increased interest in owning movies digitally, a habit considered crucial to Hollywood s future, Walt Disney Studios unveiled a service on Tuesday that aimed to make collecting its films easier.

    Once fully deployed, the free service, called Disney Movies Anywhere, will allow consumers to buy a Disney, Marvel or Pixar movie once and watch it on any web ready TV, mobile device or computer. Users on Tuesday were immediately able to link their Apple iTunes accounts with the Disney Movies Anywhere website and app.”

    AdWeek Ad of the Day J germeister’s New Commercial Deserves a Great Big Bro Hug

    “When alcohol brands try to broaden their reach beyond their core crowd, the results can often be awkward or even laughable. The best ads are those that acknowledge the brand’s base but create a story compelling enough to draw in new audiences.

    That’s the difficult balance J germeister achieves with its new U.K. spot, “Journey to Surf,” from London agency The Red Brick Road.”

    AdWeek Whiskey Loving Frank Sinatra Is the Newest Celebrity Endorser Back From the Dead

    “Frank knows Jack. I’m talkin’ Sinatra and Daniel’s, baby! The legendary crooner, who passed away in 1998, returns in a push by Arnold Worldwide to pitch a high end version of the whiskey rolling out nationwide in June.

    Would you pay $150 and up for Sinatra Select? It’s 90 proof regular Jack is 80 so your ol’ blue eyes will get bloodshot faster than ever before. (The variant has been sold in duty free stores in airports for a couple of years.)”