Pall Mall cigarettes peaked in 1960 when it became the number one brand in the United States. The risk of experimenting with design has paid off. Pall Mall launched new long (100mm) Pall Mall cigarettes, thus creating a new standard in cigarette manufacturing. The Pall Mall cigarettes brand was at its peak of popularity until 1966, when the Winston brand was launched with the famous advertising campaign “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”.

Pall Mall was later acquired by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation. By that time, Pall Mall cigarettes were far behind their competitors, as they were still non-filter cigarettes. Only in 1987 were cigarettes equipped with a filter and released to the market. Currently, Pall Mall is one of the most famous international brands of British American Tobacco, which is sold in 60 countries around the world.

The famous Pall Mall logo, its memorable art nouveau style – all this has become an integral part of the design of cigarette packaging. The pack depicts the coat of arms with two royal lions resting on a shield bearing the motto “Per aspera ad Astra” (Through thorns to the stars). The same motto can be seen on the Kansas government seal. Just below the shield is a banner with another Latin motto – “In hoc signo vinces” (You will win under this banner). Another famous Pall Mall slogan that appears on the packaging is “Wherever Particular People Congregate”. The design of cigarette packaging has undergone many changes over the years of the brand’s development, but has always remained easily recognizable.

In 2008, Pall Mall changed its appearance once again: the colors of the pack changed to bright blue, orange and red. Now the main line of Pall Mall cigarettes includes three versions: Pall Mall RED with 10 mg tar and 0.8 mg nicotine; Pall Mall BLUE with 7 mg tar and 0.6 mg nicotine; Pall Mall AMBER with 4 mg tar and 0.4 mg nicotine. In addition, there are Pall Mall – Pall Mall MENTHOL menthol and Super Slims cigarettes on the market: Pall Mall SuperSlims Tropic Twist, Pall Mall Superslims Blue, Pall Mall Superslims Menthol, Pall Mall Superslims Aromatic.