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Watch out, world: here come the alcoholic e-cigarettes

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Are you so over ingesting alcohol using the tired, old fashioned sip and swallow method? Well times may be a changing The world is about to get its first alcoholic e cigarette, and drinking alcohol instead of inhaling it could soon go the way of MySpace and MiniDiscs.

Australian e cigarette maker mCig, Inc. is soon to unveil a new product a device which will deliver booze into your system via a vaporizer, getting you drunker, faster, and with zero calories. The future is happening, and it looks a lot like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous (slender and wasted).

“For thousands of years alcohol has been primarily consumed via liquid ingestion. This form of ingestion leads to liver damage, heart disease, and weight gain,” states mCig’s COO Mark Linkhorst. “Delivering alcohol into the bloodstream via vaporization is in our view a superior method for the consumption of alcohol. It also represents an exciting business opportunity given the size of this industry, and current logistical limitations.”

Evidently, investors are optimistic about the new product The company’s stocks have doubled since the new product was announced. But this “superior method” of alcohol consumption may not be all its manufacturers have cracked it up to be.

Inhaling alcohol is not a new trend. It has previously been widely reported that people (especially of the adolescent variety) use a range of ad hoc methods from dry ice to bike pumps to vaporize their booze. In 2009, the “Vaportini” a swanky 35$ booze vaporizer hit the market. And before that, Alcohol Without Liquid, or “AWOL” like an asthma inhaler for alcohol enjoyed popularity among the young, before being banned in 17 states.

Vaporizing gets you drunker faster than regular drinking, and its novelty and instantaneous effects make it particularly appealing to teens and young adults. Dr. Deni Carise, clinical advisor at Sierra Tucson (a drug and alcohol rehab), tells that vaporizing booze is especially dangerous for young people, whose bodies aren’t conditioned to absorb high quantities of alcohol at high speed. Plus, vaporizing removes that whole vomit factor, which many young people rely on as a reminder of when to stop.

It s also terrible for your lungs, says Dr. Carise, The alcohol goes directly from your lungs to your bloodstream. Your lungs are not meant to inhale something that can turn back into a liquid.”

Alcoholic e cigs are likely to draw people who might otherwise choose to abstain from drinking for fear of weight gain, or alcoholics who’ve had to quit because of stomach damage. Also, some people might wrongly believe the product will exempt them from DUI it will show up on breathalyzers, people!

“The country does not need another legal intoxicant,” says Dr. Carise. “Alcohol has already shown that the costs to society are significant.”

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