During 1999, Winston Salem launched new cigarettes for the Eastern European market, called Winston One. Winston One is the lightest cigarette of Winston brand. They contain just 1 mg of tar and 0,1 mg of nicotine therefore they are called ‘Winston One’. These cigarettes can be the best choice for women, social smokers or teenagers. Winston One is not as addictive as strong cigarettes like Winston Red for example. However heavy smokers call Winston One a fake so the brand is not so popular within this segment of consumers.

Winston White is another name of Winston One cigarettes. It is called so due to the package color that is white.

Winston One or as it is also called Winston White is a perfect option for smokers who are in the process of giving up smoking. If you cannot give up cold turkey, there is another way. You can gradually decrease the nicotine level in your cigarette.

Winston One is also sold online. There is a great number of online cigarette stores that offer cheap prices and worldwide delivery for Winston cigarettes. The delivery takes about 2 weeks. A carton of Winston costs 3 times cheaper than in United States therefore the price is worth waiting for your order to be delivered.

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World known Winston tobacco brand was launched by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, founded in 1870’s by Richard Joshua Reynolds in Winston Salem, North Caroline, which is a legendary center of tobacco leaves handling. Knowing the fact that this company uses ingredients in its tobacco products in order to achieving the desired taste characteristics by using the minimum amount of additives, still the manufacturers produced a smoking cigarette that doesn’t contain any additives. The name of it is Winston. The experts departed from the fact that some adult tobacco consumers prefer tobacco products with no ingredients added to the blends.

“Winston Cigarettes The Era of Additives Free”

Winston cigarettes are made according to the best American tradition. They permanently occupy firm position so at domestic market as at foreign one. This is due to Winston cig superior tobacco quality, which is represented by Burley tobacco because of which it became bestseller in many countries.

Winston cigarettes brand possesses high content of nicotine, low content of sugar and is characterized by slow smoldering that turns smoking into a delightful and enjoyable process. It is notable for its exceptionally smooth strong taste and fascinating aroma. Smoking Winston discount cigarettes is a real pleasure, and in addition to the unbeaten quality, the brand is not the most expensive one, which makes millions of people from different countries of the world choose it among many other ones.

Winston tobacco doesn’t have any definite auditory, nevertheless it is more preferred by the members of stronger sex rather than of the rougher one. If you are amateur of high class tobacco quality without any additives in it, so address to our online cheap cigarettes store and order Winston at matchless price.

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