Marlboro cigarettes are rightfully considered the “face” of the cigarette market. They are recognized anywhere in the world, which indicates not only a successful advertising campaign, but also the high quality of products, which the manufacturer has always adhered to.

Today, Marlboro cigarettes deservedly occupy a place in the list of the best-selling tobacco products in the world. It is worth noting that the brand was founded back in 1924 by Philip Morris. Initially, cigarettes were positioned as women’s, as evidenced by a sensitive advertising slogan: “soft as May.” To emphasize the positioning, the manufacturer provided the cigarettes with a filter with an elegant red edging that hides the traces of lipstick.

The pack is invariably adorned with an old Latin proverb: “I came, I saw, I conquered!” the authorship of which is attributed to Emperor Julius Caesar himself.

In the middle of the twentieth century, Philip Morris decided to expand the target audience of Marlboro cigarettes by entering a market that was fundamentally new for the brand – men’s. To get an audience, a serious advertising campaign was launched, the faces of which were athletes, military men, sailors and cowboys. The last image was so liked by the buyers that for many years it became a constant in the advertising of the brand. In addition, the brand became the title sponsor of prestigious racing series, in particular, its logo flaunted on Ferrari cars for a long time.

What are Marlboro cigarettes?

This is a brand of cigarettes manufactured by Philip Morris International since 1924. Marlboro is the world’s best-selling cigarette brand. Marlboro cigarettes are widely known throughout the world due to a powerful advertising campaign and significant charitable investments in motorsport, in particular, financial support since 1997 of the Ferrari Formula 1 team. All varieties of Marlboro cigarettes are sold with a filter. The filler is American Blend, made from frozen varietal tobacco. Sharp taste, thick saturated smoke and bright burning are characteristic features of American brand cigarettes. These are men’s cigarettes with history, the quality of which always remains on top!