Cigarettes have experienced an interesting history. Once, they were incredibly popular. Then came the studies and investigations, revealing their addictive and carcinogenic nature. Nowadays we are dissuaded from ever starting at all, but the appeal of smoking is hard to break.

New technologies are changing the landscape even further. Electronic cigarettes, e cigarettes or e cigs aim to offer the pleasure of smoking, without the health risks from the numerous toxins in traditional cigarette smoke. The market for these devices is huge, so much so it is becoming difficult to navigate.

provides electronic cigarette reviews, helping you find the best electronic cigarette, plus we bring you the latest debate and news on our e cigarette forum, and help on where to buy electronic cigarettes. Here are three simple steps to choosing the best e cigarette for you

1. Price
First things first, you need to determine what your budget is. Some electric cigarette brands will cost you no more than 30 USD. Other brands of electronic cigarettes can be quite pricey and extend well beyond 60 USD. You need to determine all of the costs and look for the best deal. Do they come with extra items that will be necessary down the road? Replacements? A charger? How expensive will an e cigarette starter kit be? You should consider all this before finalizing your purchase.

2. Usage
How often you intend to use your e cigarette is a definite factor in selection. Do you use it often? Sparingly? If you use it regularly, then you definitely need to look at the best e cigarettes cost shouldn’t be the only precluding factor. If you intend to use it a lot, you’re going to need a premium electronic cigarette, something that can handle heavy use plus wear and tear. Furthermore, you’re going to want to look at battery life and charge time. These are crucial, considering that you won’t be able to use it while it charges.

3. Nicotine
Nicotine isn’t essential with e cigarettes. Many flavors and mixtures of e cigarette liquid are available that don’t require nicotine in them. Crucially, you get to control the amount in the mixture. This presents a important choice. On the one hand, many people like the nicotine high without the carcinogens. Others may simply like the feel and act of smoking. Choosing the option that’s best for your needs will help you find the premium electronic cigarette for you.

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