Cigarettes are not just tobacco products, they are symbols. Many people, both smokers and non-smokers see cigarettes in their dreams and there are numerous curious explanations what these dreams mean. Let us talk about the meaning of these dreams.

First of all, we have to mention symbolic aspects. Cigarettes and tobacco are considered as positive symbols, which mean the delight, welfare and rest. The explanations are based on similarity of these dreams and reality. A man who enjoys tobacco smells in reality (even if he is not a smoker) can feel this aroma in his dreams. It means a delight, nice meetings, new incomes and welfare.

So, cigarettes symbolize a turnpoint in the life, prosperity actually.

Cigarettes are associated with money, career, other kinds of progress and success.

Why does such association appear?

People who smoke are considered as prosperous persons since a long time.

The image of a prosperous businessman since 1930s cannot be separated from a cigar, dangling from his lips.

A rich and flavory tobacco aroma is a distinctive feature of top ladies, the same as their fragrances and perfumes.

Cigarettes are produced from top-quality tobacco sorts and have an excellent aroma. A good aroma widespread around symbolizes a successful and prosperous person.

For this reason, cigarettes seen in dreams are surely marks of success.

Cigarettes mean a plenty of aromas developed specially for male and female tobacco users. Each cigarette brand must let a person express the best qualities. One aroma stresses the masculinity of men; another is the sign of femininity of women. Tobacco preference also plays a role in selection of a cigarette brand. The lovers of heavy and light tobacco sorts have individual preferences of cigarette brands.

Cigarettes signify a good taste. No decent person will use a poor-quality tobacco sort, but such sorts are not used for production of cigarettes.

marlboro red gold

Cigarettes or more exactly cigarette boxes satisfy the looks. Tobacco companies manufacture nice colorful packs to the best taste of smokers. We can mention as an example bright Marlboro packages, which colors are evidently associated with brand names alike Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold, etc.

An important thing, which must be advised to cigarette lovers, is a necessity to reply in details the questions of marketing employees, referring to cigarette preferences.

Any reply will be helpful to meet demands of cigarette lovers and let them be executed.