It was the cigarette brand West, in which the tobacco blend “American Blend” was used. The launch of the new brand was launched by an advertising campaign under the motto “Let’s go West!” promoted. Thanks to its successful pricing policy, market positioning, perfect quality, etc., the brand became one of Germany’s leading cigarette brands one year later that nowadays is promoted to help consumers buy cheap cigarettes online.

In 1986, the advertising campaign “Test the West!” started, which strengthened the brand positioning. The success was the simplicity and originality of the action. Promotions in pubs, restaurants and discos were aimed at young people. The young people were told to try the western cigarettes and compare those cigarettes with those they normally smoke, and then give an opinion of those cigarettes.

In 1989, the production of West Lights started. An extension of the range and high
Demand for these branded cigarettes made it quite possible for the producer to start selling in Eastern and Central Europe in two years’ time.
Since 1985, the company Reemtsma actively promotes sports advertising for the popularization of the brand. In 1997, a new phase in the history of West Cigarettes began in the “Formula 1”: The brand became the sponsor of the McLaren team, which was renamed in honor of this to West McLaren Mercedes. The cars were equipped with Mercedes engines; they had become syllabic, as it had to imitate the design of packs of West Silver.

From 2000 to 2002 West was title sponsor of the Sito Pons team in MotoGP.
The best result in this time showed Loris Kapirossi, who had won the 3rd place in 2001 in the final.
According to consumers, West cigarettes are a combination of genuine German quality that is decent to buy cheap cigarettes online.
Innovations of filters and flexible prices. Thanks to unique developments that are kept constant, the brand can certainly be described as an expert in the field of systems.