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One thing is for sure there is no shortage of various e cigarette brands out there. Some of them are new and they are trying to make their name with some cool new innovations and some of them are old dogs who have their customers and who do not have to lose their mind trying to prove anything. Some of them have great electronic cigarettes, some less great (to be kind). Well, here are the three most popular brands in the US, compared and reviewed for your benefit.

Our #1 Choice South Beach Smoke

If you are a professional e cigs reviewer, it is very difficult to come up with any other brand as your number 1 choice. Simply put, the South Beach Smoke brand has it all. Their e cigs are of the superior quality, their liquids are tested and they offer some of the greatest vapor in the world. There is also an abundant and even perhaps overabundant choice of flavors and there are so many cool things that you can find on their website and associated with their products. It is a fun experience that does not forget about the important basics.

Our #2 Choice EverSmoke

EverSmoke is another brand that has been around for a while and this is again one of the reasons why we think that this brand is one of the best, more precisely, #2. For a brand to succeed as well as EverSmoke, it needs to do more than a few things right and they do it. They approach their business and their customers carefully and respectfully. They know what people want from their smoking experience and they provide this experience without pillaging their wallets. EverSmoke is a brand that other brands should look up to.

Our #3 Choice V2 Cigs

The funny thing with the V2 Cigs brand is that for many of us here at ECigs Review 2013, it is actually the favorite brand. We love it because it has an exquisite vapor, perhaps the best and prices that are reasonable, very reasonable. However, they do not offer such an array of options and various flavors and accessories and stuff like that and we know that the average customer will not like this. Still, for people who wish thick vapor, good basic flavors and a customer service that is to the point and helpful, V2 Cigs is the brand.

It is impossible to be absolutely objective when ranking and reviewing electronic cigarettes but we have tied to do our best. We have looked at a number of brands and their e cigs and the three that you can find in this comparison are our favorites. We believe that we have included enough objective parameters to make this comparison and review valid.

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE QUALITY OF MAKE CHOICE OF FLAVORS VAPOR QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE OVERALL SOUTH BEACH SMOKE 10/10 9.95/10 9.85/10 10/10 9.95/10 EVERSMOKE 10/10 9.75/10 9.65/10 10/10 9.80/10 V2 CIGS 10/10 8.50/10 9.95/10 10/10 9.65/10


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