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What types of cigarette tobacco are there? The various types of “nicotine grass” are united by the fact that this plant contains nicotine. Types of tobacco differ in taste, aroma and nicotine content. By making mixtures of different varieties, cigarette manufacturers are trying to expand the assortment of their products. Some brands also add flavorings to the tobacco mixture. The most popular types of tobacco are: Virginia, Kentucky, Oriental.

They differ in drying methods, aroma, taste, and content of resins, sugars and nicotine.

What brands of cheap cigarettes are popular now? Despite the wide variety of cigarette brands, each of them has its adherents. Smokers with experience as cigarettes are stronger, some smoke tobacco products without a filter. Beginner smokers like to experiment and buy flavored cheap cigarettes, the female part of smokers prefers lighter Super Slims cigarettes. The following brands are the most popular on the tobacco market: ● Rothmans cigarettes — the low price does not affect the quality of production in any way. The brand has been produced for 100 years, the classic taste of tobacco; ● Marlboro cigarettes are associated with courage and solidity. Often chosen by men, the effect of smoking remains for a long time; ● Bond cigarettes — low price and good quality of tobacco mixture and filter.

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