The Heets have become the most popular gadget for IQOS smokers. The more it attracts the users, the more interest is paid to it by scientists, doctors and the media. And along with interest, questions also arise. As for the device data, it is open in more than hundreds of resources. Including those, which are shared by the manufacturer, and research with reviews from independent sources. You can read about the technology of heating tobacco on the official IQOS website, we won’t go deeper.

But there is not much information about Heets tobacco for IQOS. What is it made of? What Heets tobacco is inside the stick that you use? Why in the stick filter? Is there plastic in this filter and can it melt? Representatives of our staff even once visited the Philip Morris International R&D center to tell the Canadian users where the Heets tobacco comes from. After reading this article, the Canadian IQOS users will find out all about how sticks are made for IQOS and what Heets tobacco is actually put inside. What does a Heets stick consist of? The stick is parsed into two parts: tobacco and filter.

How is HEETS tobacco grown? Inside the sticks for IQOS, there is exactly the same tobacco as it is in cigarettes. And for those, and for others, a mixture of three varieties is used – Virginia, Burley and Oriental. Each of the varieties has its own specificity and taste. For example, Virginia is the most common type of tobacco. It accounts for up to 70% of total world tobacco production. It has the lightest and sweetest flavor due to the high glucose content in the leaves. It is grown mainly in Brazil and the United States.
The Burley sort is the strongest one of all types of tobacco. This is it that adds some saturation to the taste. Its sugar content is low, and nicotine is high. Burley is the main ingredient for cigars.
Oriental is the most fragrant and spicy. Able to give a tickling sensation in the nose. This Heets tobacco comes to Canada in IQOS tobacco sticks after being cultivated in some sunny places.