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When someone mentions cigarettes, the first brand that comes to your mind is certainly Marlboro. It is the most famous and qualitative brand of cigarettes know and loved worldwide. Marlboro cigarettes became the symbol of America, associated with freedom, independence and certainly cowboys, which in their turn represent the essence of masculinity. Nowadays, there exist great amount of types of Marlboro cigarettes, starting with the most popular and classic Marlboro Red till the specific types of Marlboro Menthol. Cigarettes of this brand come in hard and in soft pack, they can satisfy the taste of almost every smoker. Currently, official manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, Philip Morris Company, opened the subsidiary branches almost all over the world to give people worldwide a possibility to enjoy these magnificent cigarettes and feel themselves a part of the most uniting community people who love Marlboro cigarettes.

Winston cigarettes

Winston cigarettes started to be manufactured in 1954 and became the first filter cigarettes in America. Winston cigarettes are known and loved not only in America but all over the world. In 1970’s these cigarette had reached Russian market and gained very quickly appreciation and love of Russian smokers. In 1998 appeared the official international Company, manufacturing Winston cigarettes JTI. There exist several production lines of this brand. Starting with the classic line, known and popular worldwide till recently appeared lines, such as Super Slims production line, appeared in 2007 which includes such kind as Lights Menthol, Lights and Super Lights. Particular production line of Winston cigarettes is certainly Winston Premier. Winston cigarettes of this sort are considered to be the elite ones and are meant for real connoisseurs of good old traditions of cigarette manufacturing.

Camel cigarettes

Camel cigarettes are one of the oldest cigarettes brands in America and worldwide. Their production started in 1913. Camel cigarettes, as well as Marlboro ones, are symbols of America. Their popularity started with mass advertising campaigns which were held in America and most European countries. One of the main sorts of Camel, which gained huge popularity, is Camel Non Filter cigarettes, which are much appreciated by connoisseurs of non filtered cigarettes, manufactured in compliance with old traditions of tobacco manufacturing. There is an enormous amount of sorts of Camel cigarettes, which are mainly divided in 2 branches strong cigarettes, like the abovementioned Camel Non Filter and light cigarettes, with pleasant mild taste. Camel cigarettes are manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which now works in cooperation with Japan Tobacco under the united name JTI.

L&M cigarettes

L&M cigarette brand appeared in 1953 and almost immediately was highly appreciated in Central and Eastern Europe and in Latin America due to its affordable price and high quality. Although L&M cigarettes are rather cheap their quality is surprisingly good. In spite of the fact that L&M manufacturer, Altria Group, Inc. didn’t sped much on the advertising campaigns, popularity of this qualitative brand reach America quite soon. Certainly it’s too early to say that L&M cigarettes are on the same popularity level as Marlboro and Camel, nevertheless this affordable brand is developing nowadays, adding new sorts to its production line. Alongside with classic, king size packs there appeared Slims line, which made L&M suitable even for women, wishing to look stylish while smoking. There also exists L&M Menthol, for the lovers of the Menthol cigarettes. Lately long 100’s cigarettes were added to the production line. In a couple of years L&M cigarettes will truly be as popular and loved as Marlboro is now.

More cigarettes

More cigarette brand is often associated with long cigarettes. And it’s true More cigarettes are known worldwide for their unusual size of 120 mm. More cigarette brand appeared in 1975 and was initially advertised as women brand. Cigarettes look very elegant, wrapped in brown paper. More cigarettes are considered to be elite ones. They occupy their particular place in the whole world tobacco industry. More cigarettes are manufactured by RJ Reynolds. Nowadays, this brand isn’t being advertised at all, as connoisseurs of long elite cigarettes, know and love this brand. More cigarette brand offers many sorts, starting with classic 120’s More Red and More Menthol till the brand new sorts with orange and whisky taste. Recently, there appeared new Light production lines of More cigarettes in the king size packs.

Classic cigarettes

Classic cigarettes can probably be named one of the cheapest cigarettes both in America and Europe. This brand appeared rather recently but in current situation of world crises it became extremely popular, due to its high quality and affordable price. Classic cigarettes are majorly made in Ukraine according to all International Standards of tobacco manufacturing. Classic brand offers great variety of tastes in spite of its recent appearance at world’s tobacco market. There are available king size cigarettes as well as 100’s slim ones, production of which has just lately started. One of the biggest advantages of Classic cigarettes is the fact that they are produced with the help of the newest technologies available at the current market of the cigarette manufacturing. Therefore their taste is excellent.

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