R1 cigarettes were introduced in 1984 in Germany. Nowadays, R1’s taste has vanquished a strong position in most European countries including Germany, Poland Greece, Russia and the Ukraine. The bleeding edge Slim Line variety is segment pioneer in Greece and to a great degree celebrated in Eastern Europe.

Discount costs are available for all varieties of R1 cigarettes: R1 Blue (Lights Flavor) and Red King Size cigarettes. Distinctive flavors that are seen as an extraordinary thing to get seem to be: R1 Ultra/ultra diminishes and Minima Slim Line Fresh cigarettes.

R1 cigarettes are one of the best “light cigarettes” categories offered by any online store offers. Despite the way that this brand is advertised in a general sense towards female smokers, the cigarettes fixings used as a piece of its creation are extremely esteemed by all smokers who slant toward smooth taste and refined smell.

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We guarantee the immense tobacco material used as a mostly toward amassing and the attractive levels of tar and nicotine. Our varieties of R1 cigarettes are shown by R1 Red, R1 Blue, R1 Gold Slim Line, R1 Slim Line Ultra and R1 Slim Line Minima.

The quality of cigarettes R1 represents a balanced blend of various assortments of tobacco in the exemplary American blend, which is utilized as filler. In the creation procedure, high quality, solidified out tobacco of Oriental, Virginia and Burley assortments is utilized. Accents are put so as to accomplish a base substance of tar and nicotine in tobacco items.

The greater part of the producer’s arrangement contain not more than 1 mg of gum and just 0.1 mg of risky nicotine in every cigarette!

An unmistakable element of the brand is the simplicity with which a cigarette smokes. Fine sensitive cigarettes enable you to make profound waiting to feel the intrigue of the flavors. The immersed taste is shockingly all around joined with delicate, light diffuse smoke. The cigarette configuration is gone for smokers who think about wellbeing.

Regardless of the way that the brand is situated as a female brand, it is sought after among men who need to stop smoking.

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