winston_blueWinston cigarettes are the world famous brand of tobacco products, which appeared in the international market at the beginning of the last century. Its original manufactory was located in Winston-Salem, which gave the name to the first cigarette manufacturer. After a short time, the popularity of the brand had grown beyond the borders of the State of North Carolina and the United States in whole. The commercial success turned a small company into a large mass producer of cigarettes.

In order to fill up these cigarettes, the tobacco varieties Burley, Oriental and Virginia were utilized. The original tobacco blend was called “American”. The company always tried to keep up with the time and did not hesitate to experiment. Winston Cigarettes are one of the first brands, in which the smoke filtration technology was used, and in 1954 the company was recognized as the first serial manufacturer of filtered cigarettes in the entire world!

A professional approach to the organization of the production process, the implementation of innovative technologies and the use of high quality raw materials made Winston cigarettes to the brand no.1, firstly in the United States and then in other markets. In 1956, the company obtained the status of the “Best cigarette brand.” In 1965, the turnover of producer allowed it to become the market leader in North America. In the early 1970es, the Winston brand began its overseas expansion, conquering the markets of Eurasia.

Currently, Winston is still among the most popular cigarette in the United States. At the same time, firmly holds its ranks in other countries. The assortments of these cigarettes include the original filtered ones with lower nicotine content, super light cigarettes and classic ones.

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