cigaretteAlthough strong measures are taken to prevent youngsters from starting to smoke, in which legislative bodies and health authorities participate, approximately 3,500 youngsters under 18 years decide daily to get some smoking experience with cheap cigarettes. No matter which precautions the parents meet, they can discover that their children start trying smoking. Parents can ask themselves for the reason why youngsters ignore all warnings of smoking dangers. Cheap cigarettes are maybe the reply that often makes teens decide to smoke cigarettes, which the parents try to find. Cheap cigarettes are not the cigarettes of bad quality but are the cigarettes available for everyone at a reasonable price, offering good taste and new experience.

The youngsters tend to smoking if they see their parents do the same. Seeing the parents smoking cheap cigarettes, children want to imitate them. At least, scientists state so. Parents, discuss it with children. Tell kids about the peculiar influence of cigarettes and of cheap cigarettes someone prefers now, convince them that it is an important step to buy cheap cigarettes, prove that the smoking introduces some new perspectives into social life as the smell can be strange to some people who are not smokers. And, first of all, do not let children have any access to your cigarettes. They can be too strong for them. If they start smoking, the cigarettes should be light. Light cigarettes can be cheap and suitable for first-time smokers.

Youngsters can decide to smoke if they see their friends do it. Or start consuming cheap cigarettes as a kind of contradiction. This is maybe a protest against considering them as children. Others think that they can look stylish by using cheap cigarettes. Or they want to get rid of obesity or just prevent it. Sometimes, they hope to look mysteriously while holding cheap cigarettes in their hands. TV or movie broadcasts, Internet posts are sources of such considerations.
Advertising and Marketing

Ad promotions are a source of taking influence on children and youngsters with describing of cheap cigarettes. Tobacco manufacturers invest money into marketing and promoting their items. The researches released in 1995 by “Journal of the National Cancer Institute” state that advertising of cheap cigarettes has a major impact on children and youngsters, much more than on adult smokers.

They start with consuming cheap cigarettes in order to have some experience with them, but then they are unable to stop. They get more and more absorbed into the sphere of cheap cigarettes. Cheap cigarettes are a good starting point to understand what you like about smoking and what brand you want to stick to.