Camel CigarettesCamel cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. In the beginning of the 20th century, tobacco lovers preferred to twist cigarettes by themselves, and none could even imagine that tobacco market may offer unique cigarettes, pre-rolled and packed in a pack.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company developed more attractive taste of cigarettes, resulting from the use of the Turkish paper, simulating fashionable tobacco flavor of Egyptian cigarettes at the time the. Thus, the company dumped its products within one year and sold 425 million packs of cigarettes.

Before the release of the generally accepted brand now, R.J. Reynolds carried out an advertising campaign for several months with the slogan “Camel Is Coming Soon » (by analogy with the Scottish folk song «The Campbells Are Coming»), causing the public interest.

The company used an advertising trick, as the attraction of the circus camel Joe that was used for the distribution of free cigarettes.

American Camel cigarettes were best remembered for their soft pack for traditional varieties without filter (Camel Straights and Regulars). In 2000 Reynolds Tobacco Company introduced Camel Turkish Gold cigarettes without menthol and in summer in 2001 there were launched Camel Turkish Jade menthol cigarettes.

The success of Camel cigarettes lays in the fact that there was used tobacco, which is a blend of high quality tobacco.

Camel cigarettes were the first brand to use a mixture of Turkish tobacco Samsun and Izmir, a large-leaved tobacco Virginia and Burly tobacco.

This blend was much lighter to smoke than the strong and harsh tobacco that was used for many other types of cigarettes.

The type of Camel Crush cigarettes (Bold) is known for its strong and pleasant menthol taste.

Camel Filters Full Flavor cigarettes have a tart taste, and do not cause cough when smoking in the morning.

Camel Turkish Royal cigarettes have a pleasant and mild flavor, which can be compared with a sweet, rich flavor of Turkish tobacco.

Camel cigarettes are not actively marketed now as in the past. However, Camel cigarettes are popular and sold in more than 90 countries.

There are popular such varieties as Classic, Turkish and Exotic Blends, and the brand itself is one of the world’s first five tobacco brands.

Camel as a logo is a kind of dromedaries. In other nations, there is marked difference between the humped and two-humped camels, so the name does not match a camel image for the brand. The name and branding have been chosen for the transmission of mystery and exoticism of the East.