IQOS HEETS Green flavor has a new taste of refreshing menthol improved with citrus and apple notes. Use the IQOS gadgets in order to inhale these amazing vapors. IQOS HEETS Green sticks are enriched with citrus and menthol scents that have a refreshing effect for being smoked.

What are the benefits of IQOS as a replacement for cigarettes?

This is the only smoking device with which we feel like smoking. Super light cigarettes or vape do not help. Unlike vape, you don’t need to carry this nasty slush with you, which leaks and soaks everything with its fat

IQOS Heets Green is easy for utilization. A user takes a stick, smokes, throws out, there are no ash, no smoke, no stink. This device is very similar to the usual sensation of a cigarette. You feel IQOS as a real replacement for cigarettes. You can smoke in a car with closed windows, this is a troubleless smoking e-stick!

The device is delivered with a charger and with a thick wire for charging. A cleaner, as the device is slightly contaminated with tobacco particles. A charger case for holder. Well, the holder itself, it is a cigarette.

All IQOS devices use the HeatControl technology. It controls the heating temperature, ensuring a constant taste and sensations from start to finish, as well as all the benefits of IQOS.

An IQOS consists of a compact charger and holder. They act as one team to reveal the true taste without burning. The IQOS holder is the core element of the system. Ergonomic shape, smooth texture, minimalistic design – it is nice to hold it in your hands. And the built-in heating element, covered with platinum and gold, regulates the heating temperature. IQOS Charger is a compact protection, storage and charging holder.

A wide range of accessories for IQOS allows you to emphasize your unique style and give your device personality. Get the most out of your IQOS experience wherever you are: on the go, at home, at work, or in the car.