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Sobranie cigarettes are one of the best-known cigarette brands of the whole world. The brand name Sobranie was at first enrolled in London in 1879.

Till now, their manufacture is in Europe. The advancement of these cigarettes is effectively kept running in Europe and additionally Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The great quality customs of the nineteenth century are still defended these days and are the best publicizing for these remarkable cigarettes. Since the appearance, Sobranie was coordinated toward those classifications of smokers who are considered as splendid people, rich and prosperous ones. This is a wide-known maxim for every one of the individuals who like Sobranie cigarettes. With the exception of the magnificent types of these cigarettes, they get a high societal position as the people who expend cigarettes for extraordinary people.

The bundling of Sobranie cigarettes has been completely re-planned in points of interest: a limited octahedral shape, fine surface and raised impression are all there to underline the style of a la mode luxury.

Unique and special taste of the new-line Sobranie cigarettes was come to because of the mixes of predominant esteem created by the House of Sobranie by stirring up five top sorts of tobacco and applying air-carbon mouthpiece channels.

Close by a carbon part, this innovation merges air filters and mouthpieces, because of which the air-tobacco blend is delicately chilled and each one of the nuances of taste end up being altogether more self-evident.

All materials, which are used for the manufacture of Sobranie cigarettes, are gotten from various zones wherever all through the world to make an outstanding tobacco item.

“Sobranie cigarettes make your life brighter” it is motto of the trademark for the individuals who advance these cigarettes.

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