Marlboro cigarettes are the brand manufactured by Philip Morris International since 1924. Marlboro cigarettes are one of the best-selling cigarette brands in Australia. Marlboro cigarettes are widely known for their powerful advertising campaign and significant sponsorship of motorsport investments.

The Marlboro trademark was first known at the very beginning of the twentieth century. Two decades later, Marlboro cigarettes appeared on the shelves. At first, the brand was distributed as the cigarettes for rich persons. Later, this brand progressed to being presented as female cigarettes. Ladies’ cigarettes appeared thanks to suffragists fighting for universal suffrage. These ladies wanted equality in everything – and they got it.

It became a great difficulty to make women’s advertising. But the endeavours were sponsored by women’s desire to be equal to men and consume the same goods that were considered as typically male products,.

In 1930es, the brand was sold. The new owner retargeted the brand idea and managed to attract the male audience to the Marlboro cigarettes. The result was a huge success. The new brand image was Marlboro cowboy, the guy that became a pattern of each man.

That was an advertising campaign that gave perfect results. Marlboro cigarettes are one of the products of Phillip Morris; it is a challenge to the men’s desire to have a stylish outlook. Marlboro cowboy is a desired guest in Australia although he was not born here. But this guy is a right Australian now.

Australian smokers consider this guy as a real image of modern Australian smokers. And as a result, the Marlboro cowboy is an Australian guy now!

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