For years the West cigarettes have stood for an extraordinary design and an unmistakable character to buy cigarettes in Australia. West remains loyal at all times and does not accept any compromises – especially when it comes to the quality of your products.

West is for people who go their own way and know what they want. That is why they buy cigarettes in Australia that have premium quality at a fair price and appeal to them with a modern look.

We think that the West cigarettes have been a loyal companion for many smokers for a long time.

High quality and melodic tobacco blends!

Exquisite tobaccos mixed into a unique American blend offer a very pleasant smoking experience to buy cigarettes in Australia. We have the West cigarettes in the Red variety and the West Silver with a mild taste experience.

For more than 30 years this has stood for the best quality with a very pleasant aromatic taste and, with its very attractive price-performance ratio, is one of the most popular tobacco brands in Australia.

The hand-picked tobacco contained in the Blend mixture guarantees a very good quality, an improved consistency and a delicate taste, since only fully developed tobacco leaves are harvested.

Convince yourself with selected premium tobacco.
A very good smoke development and a solid, stable filter for an excellent smoking experience.

The peculiarity of the latest series is a unique filter, which is a two-section plastic construction. The first section contains a standard carbon filter. The smoke passes through it, mixes with the air and enters a second chamber with a Streamtec element that visually resembles a propeller. It disperses the smoke, due to which the taste of quality tobacco is better revealed.

On the website of our online store, you can buy West cigarettes with a mouthpiece and filter, of different strengths. Are always available to buy cigarettes in Australia – the most popular varieties. We also offer tobacco products of other popular brands, smoking accessories.

You can buy West cigarettes online with courier delivery. For more information on the terms of purchase, please call.

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