Domestic edit

  • Djarum Super
  • Djarum Super Mild
  • Djarum Black
  • Djarum Black Menthol
  • Djarum Black Mild
  • Djarum Coklat
  • Djarum Coklat Istimewa
  • Djarum 76
  • Djarum 76 Fil… Gold
  • Djarum Istimewa
  • L.A. Lights
  • L.A. Lights Menthol
  • L.A. Ice
  • Djarum Clavo
  • Djarum Clavo Premio Filter
  • Dos Hermanos
  • Cigarillos
  • Gold Seal

International edit

  • Djarum Black
  • Djarum Black Supersmooth
  • Gold Seal
  • Djarum Cherry
  • Djarum Black Bliss
  • Djarum Black Menthol Supersmooth
  • Spice Islands
  • L.A. Lights
  • L.A. Menthol Lights
  • Djarum Splash
  • Djarum Super
  • Djarum Vanilla
  • Djarum Bali Hai
  • Djarum Menthol
  • Djarum Special

References edit

What is the fictitious brand of cigarettes in quentin tarantino’s movies

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    In Kill Bill Vol. 2, Budd uses a spit can labeled “Oak Ridge Coffee”. Oak Ridge, Tennessee is a town

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    Pack of American Eagles, blue