winston_blueThe Winston is a trademark of cigarettes that hit the market immediately after their appearance. They were initially launched and promoted by the company R.J. Reynolds and are still regarded as an extraordinary cigarette brand. Before 1972, the Winston brand had the top sales ranks on the US territory. Despite the market position is currently not so positive, they still occupy one of leading market places and are listed as one of the ten leading brands on the US territory. In 2001, these cigarettes brand was ranked as the sixth of the most preferred US cigarette brands. The Winston brand occupies this place as it possesses extraordinary scent and aroma. These are features, which attract thousands of consumers in the United States and in the rest of the world.

The cigarettes of Winston brand are manufactured from the best-sort tobacco and by using the newest production technologies. Their tobacco does not include additional ingredients and they are not so dangerous as many other cigarette brands. This brand is efficiently marketed due to successful advertising led by these cigarettes manufacturers. They use various promotion techniques, for instance, such a motto as “The flavor of Winstons is a good cigarette’s flavor.” By the way, this motto was very popular that was also programmed into Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations. The Winston brand is present in a great number of events. For instance, it is a constant sponsor of races and race drivers. Referring to such events, we can remember the Winston Cup race, NASCAR’s competitions and such race drivers as Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon.

The Winston Cigarettes is marketed in many varieties, differing with tastes and scents. The best-known varieties are: Winston lights, Winston Super Lights, Winston ONE, Winston Red. Using the common market strategy, Winston is distributed in differently colored packages, with each colored corresponding to one special scent. Each cigarette version is ideal for smokers, but they are not all equally priced. Some cigarettes’ quality is extremely high and they are consequently more expensive. True smokers who prefer such cigarettes can use an opportunity to order them in online cigarette shops where they can get discounts and benefits for their orders.

Well, be aware that the manufacturer’s activity is always underway and their product range is constantly expanded. As best, visit the online shops regularly and find the latest cigarettes variants promoted against reasonable prices.