camel cigarettesCAMEL cigarettes is not just another brand of cigarettes; it is an iconic brand that is synonymous around the world with the “old” America, described in the novels of Mr. Hedli Chase and Earle Stanley Gardner, shown in the films of Hitchcockand displayed in the biographies of the brightest stars of “Golden Hollywood Era”.

This is the America that had disappeared from the maps, the country of elusive gangster and fearless detectives, charming playboys and stunning beauties, huge hopes and catastrophic disappointments.

These American cigarettes are still one of the most prestigious brands in the entire world. After a century of their existence (the brand hit the market in 1913), they managed to preserve their unique, original taste and the highest quality. Incidentally, the name “Camel” was able to create not only these cigarettes and their image, but also a very strong tobacco blend of Turkish and soft fragrant Virginia tobaccos, which had become a benchmark of quality cigarettes.

The brand is now familiar to all smokers of the world who are charmed with the trending name “American Blend”. The most cigarette manufacturers wish to repeat the success of the “Camel” brand. After this invention, the tobacco market experts believe that the yellow pack with a picture of a camel, standing in the background of the Egyptian pyramids, managed to change the course of history and development of the United States, at least the history of tobacco industry, which is divided into two periods – before and after the appearance of “Camels”.

No less interesting and launching is the advertising campaign of this commercial brand. Instead, several days before the appearance of the first batch of these cigarettes in the market, intriguing ads appeared in the media – an image of an exotic animal and signature: “Camels are coming!” Some days later, the slogan became a general remind delirium: “Soon there will be more camels in the US than in the Middle East and Africa”.

The history does not describe how ordinary Americans reacted to this information. But after this new product had just appeared in the market, a record number of Americans wanted to try these cigarettes. Some years later, the first batch of products appeared in the “old” Europe where they were highly estimated as well. Well, the sales ranks witness so.

The “old Joe”(the name of a camel shown on the pack) still inspires millions of people around the world to purchase these cigarettes.