Study on e cigarettes

The American Journal of Health has conducted a study on e cigarettes and found that this form of smoking continues to gain in popularity. It was assumed that this alternative to tobacco cigarettes was little more than a fad when it was introduced to the American marketplace a few years ago.

However, the fact that there is such a debate among smokers when it comes to the best e cigarette suggests that e smoking is becoming more common. The Journal s study showed that over 40% of Americans had heard of e cigarettes. Crucially, the highest level of public awareness came from smokers who are obviously the product s target market.


E cigarettes have various names including nicotine vaporizers. There are now hundreds of companies online, each claiming to sell the best e cigarette and dozens of review sites such as As electronic cigarettes are not marketed as a means of quitting smoking specifically, the Food and Drug Administration don t regulate them as drug delivery devices. Although medical experts state that the health effects of e cigarettes are unknown in the long term, most admit that these cigarettes are infinitely superior to tobacco cigarettes because they contain a fraction of the carcinogens. Although smokers may initially use e cigarettes to bypass public smoking laws, they may find major health benefits almost unwittingly.

Medical Support

Michael Siegel, MD, is a respected medical professional and works at the Boston University School of Public Health. He believes that e cigarettes have a vital role to play in terms of getting people to quit smoking. He stated that taking them off the market would be a complete disaster because smokers would immediately be forced back into traditional cigarette smoking. He pointed out that an e cigarette looks and feels like a regular cigarette, even down to the vapor that is emitted. As a result, he says that e cigarettes are appealing because they cater to those who smoke tobacco cigarettes as a means of getting a nicotine fix and who are also addicted to the act of smoking.

Gilbert Ross, MD, is another respected medical professional who spoke out in favor of e cigarettes. He is one of the directors at the American Council on Science and Health and states that an e cigarette contains nicotine, glycerin and water vapor, all of which are safe ingredients. He is adamant that this combination of products is far safer than the inhalation of combusted tobacco smoke.

These comments were in response to statements from other so called experts who stated that e cigarettes contained a similar level of carcinogens as traditional cigarettes. Since decades of medical research has categorically shown that the level of chemicals in tar and tobacco are the most harmful elements of smoking, these allegations seem to be completely false.

E cigarettes will always have opposition because the tobacco smoking industry is such a lucrative one. Anything that could threaten it will be dealt with ruthlessly. However, e cigarettes are gaining such a foothold that tobacco companies are likely to continue losing customers as the harm caused by their product becomes clear to the public.

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Health benefits of electronic cigarettes

9 terribly disturbing things about electronic cigarettes

If you aspire to live a healthier life, one of the best things you can do is quit tobacco cigarettes because they contain ingredients that harm the body such as tar, formaldehyde, acetone and others. But you do not have to quit smoking completely because electronic cigarettes are suitable substitutes for tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that come with a container filled with liquid nicotine that gives off a water vapor when smoked. Most electronic cigarettes also come in numerous flavors and they are more affordable than traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can buy electronic cigarettes at most stores and online. Here are some health benefits of electronic cigarettes.

You Reduce Harm to Others Through Secondhand Smoke

When a person smokes tobacco cigarettes with harmful ingredients in them, someone standing next to you will inhale the smoke you pass off in the air through secondhand smoke and you could harm their insides long term. You will not have this problem if you smoke electronic cigarettes because the vapor from these cigarettes easily dissipates and does not stay in the air for hours.

Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Contain As Many Toxic Ingredients

Did you know that on average a tobacco cigarette contains up to 4000 hazardous chemicals? This is not the case with electronic cigarettes and as a result, you decrease chances of developing lung cancer and other serious illnesses. It is for this reason why electronic cigarettes are safer and healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

Less Bad Breath and Damaged Teeth

Those who smoke tobacco cigarettes often develop what is known as smoker’s breath and it is unpleasant for those the smoker is around in a close manner. In addition, you could also damage your teeth and gums over a period of time and this could prevent you from getting dental implants or other cosmetic dental procedures.

Reduced Risk of Heart Failure

Those who smoke tobacco cigarettes often put themselves at risk of heart failure but if you switch to electronic cigarettes, you reduce chances of developing the illness. This does not mean that you can smoke electronic cigarettes in an excessive way because this could pose problems for your health in the future.

Anger Free Stress Relief

Many people turn to anger when they are stressed out about certain circumstances and certain people in their lives. Smoking electronic cigarettes is a relaxing and safe way to relieve stress without getting into a rage. In addition, since these cigarettes come in neat flavors, it will be easier to calm down from the stresses of the day.


Electronic cigarettes are more than just a cheap alternative to tobacco cigarettes these cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. If you are wondering which brand is the best, you can read a few e cig reviews online and in print publications to see which ones you should purchase. Some wholesale cigarette shops sell these cigarettes in bulk so you should consider this if you smoke these cigarettes a lot.

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