style_ss_aromeCigarettes are certainly what bring diversity into our lives. Cigarettes please us every day. Rhythm that is already boring is being filled with sense. Routine ceases to be a routine. And we – smokers are always in search of something better. We want more and more cigarettes.
And since in our time there is a large selection of cigarettes, it will not be difficult for us to choose only the best ones.

Style cigarettes are what we need.
Style is an international brand of high quality at an affordable price. These cigarettes are positioned in an average price segment; they are elegant, of high quality and in attractive packaging.

Style appreciates the uniqueness of every woman, her natural beauty, naturalness and individuality. The launch of the Style brand in many markets took place in 2007. To date, the market presents 4 styles of cigarettes Style.

Style Super Slims cigarettes are manufactured by Japan Tobacco International (JTI). JTI is the world’s third largest tobacco industry. But the first Style cigarettes were produced in Europe by Reemesma Tobacco Industries, Germany.

In a brief timeframe Style cigarettes ended up noticeably well known everywhere throughout the world due to their top notch tobacco which can be found in each Style cigarette, and due to their wonderful and light pack outline. The rose and blue blooms which can be seen on Style bundles demonstrate how much tar and nicotine volume contain cigs.

The main kinds of best quality Style cigarettes are offered:

Style Super Slims Rose Cigs – the important tar amount: 3.0 mg, nicotine amount: 0.3 mg;
Style Super Slims Blue Cigs – the important tar amount: 5.0 mg, nicotine amount: 0.5 mg.

The most dominating shade of Style pack is White – the shade of immaculateness. In many societies white shading speaks to openness and truth. Thus, Style Cigarettes give you the best taste of tobacco.

These exceptional cigarettes have a “Light” appearance as well as a light and delicate taste, since Style smoking brand was produced particularly for women that incline toward jazzy and unique things.

The first characteristic that came into mind of Style Cigarettes is the maximum perfection. This is the only smoking brand which expresses woman nature from all sides: style, self-assurance, slimness, attractiveness and elegance. The principal trademark features that are an essential part of Style cigarettes are the flawlessness. This is the main smoking brand which points out the lady nature from all sides: style, confidence, slimness, engaging quality and class.

Attempt at this moment Style Cigarettes and You will stayed fulfilled by the fragile fragrance of high caliber of tobacco.
The total vitality of light and excellence with Style Super Slims cigarettes!