cigarettesCigarettes … Without them, of course, you can live, but in this case, the feeling of happiness will be lost. Of course, this imaginary relationship is rather more psychological than physical, so what? Yes, yes, yes, for some reason it does not allow resolving all kinds of troubles in your life, but the smoke gives you a sense of freedom. Does it make sense to quit smoking when you are forced by circumstances, but it is not your personal desire? (Under the circumstances, the parents, friends, soul mate and stuff are meant). And why don’t I have the right on happiness if I just need to have only a pack of the cheapest cigarettes online uk.

Nevertheless, we smoked, and smoke will smoke more. Why did we start why we continue smoking? The answer to this question lies in the evolution of plant tobacco. It belongs to the Solanaceae plants, and, alike datura and belladonna, potatoes and tomatoes – tobacco can produce toxic alkaloids. They need it for protection against pests. When they try to have nicotine, it becomes bad because nicotine interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses.

We like this feeling of concentration; we start to consume nicotine constantly. But the constant use of the reward system stops working as before: the brain begins to get used to the nicotine-like acetylcholine, and, once it happens, we must somehow accommodate the neural reality to the new circumstance. It increases the amount of brain acetylcholine receptors, but the sensitivity of each receptor is reduced. Due to these two factors, it appears that our own reserves acetylcholine no longer enough to ensure that maintain a sense of happiness and a sense of concentration, and in order that we can support them, we always need to get a dose of nicotine – this is the physiology of addiction.

There is evidence that nicotine even have a beneficial effect on the organism: for example, nicotine helps in Alzheimer’s disease. There is also the ulcerative colitis disease, which, for some unknown reasons, practically does not affect smokers, but when they quit their habit, ulcerative colitis effects a great number of ex-smokers. Many statistical studies led with reference to populations have shown that smoking actually reduces the body mass index. The most pronounced is, if a person smokes a six to ten cigarettes a day. After lunch, the man you want something good and normal people eat dessert, and smokers in this situation, go to smoke: in the dessert, the calories are, and in a cigarette – not.