Smokers often get used to regular warnings of tobacco risks shown daily by TV and published in newspapers.

Consequently, they try to find methods that will their smoking safer for their health.

They firstly decide to use filtered cigarettes only.

No doubt, these cigarettes are a good preventive tool as filters absorb a certain amount of smoke.

Another thing is that the filter stuff can also contain some chemicals that penetrate into smoker’s lungs while burning. Excessful use of filtered cigarettes can then actually become a potential danger as well.

Filtered cigarettes are not always a solution for smokers who feel satisfied while consuming pure tobaccos. Smokers who prefer the strong tobacco stuff are rarely pleased with them.

Well, it is of course the matter of personal taste. Those who prefer usual tobaccos can be satisfied with filtered cigarette versions, which are to some extent really safer than unfiltered variants.

Another thing is to consume tobaccos in less protective ways. Smokers can, for instance, use vitamin supplements. The ability of organism to utilize Vitamin C is impaired by smoking. Some smokers start consuming supplemental Vitamin C when they get to know this. However, it is well-known that the vitamin C acidifies the urine, provoking an increase of the excretion rate of nicotine in the organism. As a response, smokers may smoke extra cigarettes, which will then destroy the extra vitamin C and provoke the exposure to any poisonous chemicals inhaled with the tobacco smoke.

The best solution is, in our opinion, to regularly consume cigarettes as smokers usually do. Smoke protesters say that the tobacco smoke is dangerous for the health.

We can say the same about exhaust gases, filling streets and roads. Comically, they are quite not criticized so much although their danger is much greater and can also cause cancers and other heavy diseases.

Many products, even meat, can be dangerous for the body and cause obesity, increase of cholesterol, other negative follows.

The most people perfectly know it, but they do not change their habits and go on eating much meat.

Alcohol is dangerous, but the most people regularly consume it and they are not criticized. Yeah, drunkcards are criticized, those who abuse alcohol drinks. But nobody criticizes those who regularly consume some amounts of wine although it is a risk for the organism too.

Our life must be our pleasure and we dare improve it in different ways, including the tobacco consumption.