The ranges of products that are offered for sale have been sourced from reputable manufacturers that we work with personally to ensure quality.

What are the advantages of purchasing from Evape?

  • As a trusted Australian brand of e cigs, Evape has been in the industry for many years. We know the product well, and work hard to keep up with trends in the industry including changes in technology.
  • All of our staff are vapers and use the products that we sell. Quality control and testing is managed by our team, personally.
  • By using the products ourselves, we have extensive technical knowledge of e cigarettes and how they work. We are here to answer any questions or troubleshoot problems to provide the best outcome for our customers.
  • Our primary concern is customer satisfaction. We aim to provide products that are practical, yet stylish at an affordable price.
  • We supply the cleanest, pharmaceutically graded e liquid on the market. It is made in Europe, and contains premium ingredients that vape clean.
  • All of our products are stocked in Australia and sent directly to our customers every day. We use trackable post for all online orders, and our secure checkout system allows our buyers to receive email updates when their items have been shipped.
  • We provide a FREE bottle of e juice with every Starter Kit that is purchased. This means that when you receive your kit, you can begin to use it right away without forking out extra cost.

Spend as little as $20.00 and you will receive a free gift.

VIP Discount card

Free when you spend $20 or more

Free disposable e cig

For orders of $50 or more

Baseball and military caps

Free for orders over $100

Due to Australian law, none of our e liquid contains nicotine. We provide a comprehensive guide to nicotine and use with electronic cigarettes in Australia at the top of the page under the info & guides tab.

We recommend reading our beginner s guide to using e cigs. This will give new customers a heads up on where to start and provides suggestions on the most appropriate starter kit, accessories and juice for new users.

We have a large range of e juices to purchase with our other range of products. We offer a free e liquid with every electronic cigarette starter kit purchase.

Our premium and doubler e juice is made in Europe and are certified as pharmaceutical grade according to European and American standards.

It is worth noting that our quality e liquid contains no genetically modified ingredients, is not tested on animals, is allergen free and comes in a dark green bottle with a shelf life of over two years.

The vapour created by a e cig is a natural base of either propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. PG and VG are found in many of our food products and have little side effects.

These juices can be flavoured with various essences to create a fun vaping experience. We supply around 45 unique flavours that will appease to any taste.

Vaping will not discolour your teeth or give you smoker s breath. An e cig gives off a vapour that looks like real smoke but is only a water based fog like substance.

All our products can be considered use everywhere and anywhere devices as they are smokeless. E cigarettes do not contain carbon monoxide or many of the other harmful ingredients found in tobacco cigarettes.

Evape is committed to evolving our range in line with new technological trends and products. Keep checking back to see what new stock we have available. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our team.

You must be over the age of 18 to buy Evape Electronic Cigarettes.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to any persons under 18 years.

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