The brand of Lucky Strike cigarettes is one of the oldest in the world. But in the beginning, it was used to produce chewing tobacco. The history of the brand begins in 1869 and, like many other tobacco brands, it comes from America. There is a legend that the owner of the Lucky Strike cigarettes bought the site of a tobacco factory because of the song, which was badly damaged in the fire. Allegedly, a large amount of tobacco contaminated with fire was stored in a warehouse. The entrepreneurs repaired the facility, but decided not to throw away cigarettes and organized the production of Lucky Strike cigarettes without filters in this facility.

The first Lucky Strike cigarettes were launched in 1905. This was before Marlborough and Camel appeared. The smoke from the warehouse fire (as a result of the factory fire) was clearly noticeable in the aroma of the new product. Then a story was invented about a new way of preparing cigarettes. The owners of the brand informed American citizens through the media that they would speed up tobacco processing by roasting instead of traditionally drying tobacco leaves in the sun.

Incidentally, consumers have since become accustomed to the taste of Lucky Strike cigarettes packets and take the roasting of cigarettes in the factory seriously, because burnt cigarettes in the warehouse are a thing of the past. Since then, the taste of lightly roasted cigarettes has been a feature of all tobacco products under the Lucky Strike brand. And although the tobacco was later treated with hot steam, we are still looking for “roast” in the taste of Lucky Strike cigarettes and are sure to find it. And tobacco manufacturers are trying to replicate that taste.

What are Lucky Strike cigarettes?

The brand uses high-quality cigarettes of selected varieties and costs 40% more than normal cigarettes. This brand has a unique aroma and taste, which is achieved not by drying in the sun, but by special processing of tobacco, including roasting. The brand has a famous logo in the form of a target symbolizing accuracy and luck. Premium Lucky Strike cigarettes use a special smoke filter system that provides a smoother and more pleasant taste. The Premium Lucky Strike cigarettes have a slim shape that gives it an elegant and stylish appearance. Lucky Strike Premium tobacco retains the traditional aroma and taste of Lucky Strike tobacco, which is obtained by roasting the tobacco rather than drying it in the sun.