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By 2011 all cigarettes sold throughout the European Union will be only self extinguishing “fire safe” brands. The proposal was approved on 2007 by all Member States and it means that for all cigarettes there will be used fire retardant paper. The objective is to cut down the number of fires caused by dropped cigarettes.

According to the commission spokesman Ton Van Lierop, the European Committee for Standardisation has been developing the norms to apply this decision, mandatory for the tabacco industry “by 2011 at the latest”. Such cigarettes are already on sale in Canada, Australia and parts of the United States, said Ton Van Lierop.

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Electronic cigarettes are letting smokers breathe easy again

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The modern smoker has to fight for their rights, but a new solution has given smokers a reason to take pride in their lifestyle choice again. You can have your cigarette and smoke it too. Because we are now living in the age of the Electronic Cigarette and finally the tide has turned.

Electronic cigarettes are sometimes called e cigs or e cigarettes, but all such terms refer to the same type of products. E cigs are a vaporizing device that is used to heat a combination of fluids that contain nicotine. When inhaled, the e cigarettes are the perfect delivery system for smokers v2 cigs coupon. Users can enjoy all the best aspects of smoking, but without creating the by products of traditional cigarettes. Such as cigarette ashes, odors from tobacco smoke or the smells of burned paper wraps.

Electronic cigarettes and E Cig products have changed the way most people think of smoking. They are a new technology that has been developed to enhance and cater to the needs of modern smokers. As such, it has taken some time for e cigs to catch on.

Electronic cigarettes are letting smokers breathe easy again. So why not give electronic cigarettes and other E Cig products a try? It will change what smoking means to you, but is the best way ever invented to smoke and opens up a whole new lifestyle for modern smokers.

Electronic cigarettes are a great gift for friends, family members and anyone who loves smoking, but hates how smokers are treated by the general public. Fight for your rights and take pride in being a smoker, once more. E cigs are a change for the better. Come see what user friendly smoking feels like, first hand.

When the air clears, everyone will be wanting their own electronic cigarettes. Today is just the beginning of a new era in smoking enjoyment.

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