All know that the smoking is a strong addiction, but no one understands why smokers are very often so to their habit. Smokers who even suffer from its follows resist quitting till the end, they want to consume cigarettes despite all dangers they are opened to.

It is not explainable to those who never enjoyed the amazing, spicy, flavory cigarette smoke inhaled.

Those who criticize smokers do not get the comprehension of smoking. Smoking is not just an addiction, this is a lifestyle. Smokers who will quit have to completely modify their behaviour, change their mind, preferences, likes.

Smokers also know that they will experience a great number of troubles if they quit. They will always miss the tobacco smoke; will feel weakness, pains, won’t be able to effectively work. Any activity will be difficult for them.

Smokers live with cigarettes; they wake up every day, having a need in a puff. One portion of tobacco smoke in the morning and a smoker is strong and ready to start the daily activity.

Smoking enables the users to keep their state under control. Otherwise, they feel nervous, anxious, pressed. One puff and the mood are much better.

Each daily activity makes people stressed. Cigarettes calm them down, improve their state. Smokers do not feel so much overpressed as non-smokers do.

Cigarettes let smokers relax in evenings after they come home from work. Sitting in their balcons and lighting cigarettes, smokers pull their tiredness off and enjoy a wonderful cigarette flavor.

Cigarettes accompany their users at every step of their activities.

Users become self-confident if they consume tobacco.

It does not relate to the work only, cigarettes are a guarantee of success with an opposite gender. Cigarettes let women express their femininity and sexuality, let men show their masculinity and good manners. There is a plenty of examples. Remember old films, in which male heroes nicely light cigarettes of their ladies as the first step to pay their attention to themselves. A lady with a cigarette in her hand is a perfect image; a lady with a cigarette between her scarlet lips is attractive and seductive. No real man can withstand her magic.

Ladies also often imagine their dream men with cigarettes who are strong, self-confident, special persons.

Probably, we’ve already replied the question why smokers cannot quit although they are warned that smoking can kill them. The life without smoking is for them worse than the death!

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