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Due to the success of the advertisement, Tareyton briefly enjoyed robust sales, which put them in the Top 10 of all American cigarette brands, in the mid to late 1960s. 5 The brand declined somewhat, to thirteenth, when the slogan waned in 1979. 6

In 1971, radio and television advertisements for tobacco products were banned from American broadcasting stations, and Tareyton’s television jingles ended. However, after the ban, the slogan continued to be used in magazines and newspapers, due to the slogan and the name recognition the brand received. In 1975, the slogan was used to advertise for the Tareyton “100”. 7

In 1976, the American Tobacco Company, which made Tareyton cigarettes, introduced Tareyton Light cigarettes. In the new advertisements, men and women sported “white eyes,” with an updated slogan “Us Tareyton smokers would rather light than fight!” The two slogans would be used to sell the two separate variations until 1981, when market value declined.

This slogan was notable in that it was the final slogan used for the Tareyton brand. Declining sales led to an end of advertising the brand.

Cultural impact edit

The then fresh slogan was adopted by supporters of Barry Goldwater during the 1964 campaign for the presidency. Goldwater appeared to have the nomination in hand as the primary season closed, but supporters of the moderate Republican William Scranton tried to mount a “Draft Scranton” reply. “Goldwater Girls” (mostly adult women) were seen at Scranton events wearing bandages and sporting signs saying “We’d rather fight than switch!”. 8

A 1964 single released on the Camp Records label parodied the slogan with the song “I’d Rather Fight Than Swish,” using the slang term swish, meaning to behave effeminately. 9

Thomas “TNT” Todd, a civil rights activist, parodied the slogan to make a point regarding the Vietnam War in a 1967 speech. Todd was quoted as saying, ” our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight! Matter of fact, it’s safe to say that they would rather switch than fight!” The audio clip of his speech was later used as the prelude to the 1989 Public Enemy single “Fight the Power.” 10

In April 2013, an advertisement for the Windows Phone pictured camps of fighting Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone users along with the slogan “Don’t fight. Switch.” 11

Famous “Tareyton fighters” edit

Many actors who would later become well known for other reasons appeared in the Tareyton ads. Examples include future entrepreneur Martha Stewart, who appeared in a print ad, and actor Lyle Waggoner, who was featured in a television commercial in 1966.

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