In Seoul, shoppers at a 7 ll convenience store stare at packs of Kent Convertible cigarettes which have just been launched exclusively in the city. The packs are apparently equipped with different colored flashing lights that are signalling for attention.
In Busan, on the other side of the country, a Korean businessman places several packets of Kent Convertible that he purchased in Seoul that morning on the table in front of colleagues and associates, dispensing individual sticks or entire packets to his enthralled guests.
In an upstairs bar frequented by American expatriates, a visitor is handing out Kent Convertible sticks around the bar, demonstrating the technique required to release the menthol flavor and then increase its strength to a riveted crowd of smokers.
Within three weeks of its launch, BAT’s new Kent Convertibles cigarette had gained unprecedented market share, exceeding BAT’s expectations and attracting smokers to its new smoking concepts, and marking another significant and unique product launch in a country that has been described as a “must win” market for cigarette manufacturers.
The Korean market has become a sort of testing ground for new products and innovative smoke concepts, with brand variants researched, designed and manufactured specifically for the country’s smokers.
The patented flavor capsule technology incorporated in the unique charcoal filter system which lends the filter the ability to “convert” from a regular charcoal filtered light cigarette to a menthol stick, and then to increase the amount of menthol released into the smoke by rolling it between the fingers (“click and roll”) is claimed to represent the most significant innovation in filter technology since filters were invented.
The product has caught on rapidly, with Korean (and ex pat) consumers buying in to the concept with gusto, proving once again that Korea is a market that embraces change and innovation.
“Korea was chosen as the market in which to launch Kent Convertibles because Koreans love innovation, they are open to new things that add value and functionality in a product,” confirmed Jeremy Flint, BAT Korea’s CORA executive director talking to Tobacco Asia recently. “Koreans love to see high tech functionality in high end products. BAT was looking for something to capture the imagination of Korean consumers. While flavor capsules are not new, they’ve been around for two or three years in other markets the charcoal filter and convertible technology incorporated in the filter which should not be confused with boost products, which have also been around for a while,. offers something unique.”
Clearly, the Korean consumer thinks so as well. Initial sales reports indicate Kent Convertibles gained a market share of over 2.3% in Greater Seoul in key accounts within a month of its launch..
The brand was launched nationwide in mid August, and is expected to continue to show the sort of performance experienced in Greater Seoul as its appeal is clearly in tune with the Korean consumer mindset.

What brand of cigarettes did the x-files’ smoking man smoke?

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Answer Morleys

Movie and television prop departments often go to great lengths to create the illusion of characters using every day stuff without actually infringing on the trademarks of or promoting that stuff. A perfect example of this are Morley cigarettes, the brand smoked by the gravel voiced Smoking Man in The X Files television series.

A pack of Morley cigarettes looks very much like the early pack styling of real world Marlboro cigarettes and is a play on “Marley” an early nickname for Marlboro brand cigarettes.

While the fictitious Morley brand of cigarettes has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, both before and after The X Files, by far the use of the brand by the Smoking Man was the most memorable. In addition to the many appearances of the Smoking Man with a Morley perched in his hand, there was even an episode of the show where a murder at the Morley Tobacco headquarters takes Mulder and Scully within the company itself.