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E Cigarette Benefits Electronic cigarettes can have a great and very positive impact on a smokers life. The first thing many smokers report after switching to e cigarettes is a dramatic increase in energy levels. Do you feel sluggish and drained of energy? Chances are its the chemicals in tobacco smoke restricting your bloods ability to carry oxygen to parts of your body. This can cause a smoker to feel sluggish and tired. After just 2 weeks of making the switch to electronic cigarettes you will notice an increase in your overall energy levels.

Many smokers who change from traditional cigarettes to E Cigs also report increase in taste and smell. It takes only a few days for your sense of taste to increase after switching to e cigarettes. Your sense of smell will also become more sensitive over time. If you are a smoker and want to have an increase in your energy levels, regain your sense of smell and taste food again then you must try electronic cigarettes. For many smokers nicotine replacement therapy has been tried and failed to work. This is because of the psychological addiction on a subconscious level. Electronic Cigarettes helps relive this wile simulating the act of smoking. E Cigs taste, look and feel just like a real cigarette less the harmful chemicals.
Banning E Cigarettes to smokers is like banning life rafts on a sinking ship! Their is no guarantee you will survive on a liferaft but it gives you a chance. Same with E Cigarettes. Their is no guarantee an E Cig will save you but at least it gives you a chance. We know if you stay on a sinking ship you will probably die and if you keep smoking tobacco cigarettes it will probably kill you. 2/3 smokers will die from smoking.