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So what s smokin hot In Electronic Cigarettes this er, winter (its getting nippy), you ask?

Here s our TOP 3 favorite picks in e cig brands right now

V2 Cigs

A consistent top performer, V2 Cigs is above and beyond our favorite! They give you more bang for your buck, hands down. Greater vapor, superior taste, vast flavor selection, your choice of the coolest accessories, everything is more! We ve even got an exclusive way to save when you try V2 Cigs. Simply use this coupon code when checking out for a 10% discount EVAPE10.

Smokeless Image VOLT Ecig

Last year, Smokeless Image secured our top spot. However, they were nudged out of the spotlight this time around by V2 Cigs, who evolved above and beyond what Smokeless Image could offer. Still, their e cigs give you great vapor and admirable battery longevity, just a nose behind V2 Cigs. A solid second for sure.


The favorite of many celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, this admittedly pricier brand will give you superb quality for your money. If you re looking to be classy like the stars, this is the electronic cigarette brand for you!

Top Electronic Cigarette Brands Quick Picks Wrap Up &#8230

Our goal is to help you choose the best electronic cigarette that s right for you, so thank you for visiting our site! You re on your way to being more healthy and vibrant with your choice to ditch tobacco cigarettes. Going electronic is great!

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Plus We Really Are Psyched About V2 Cigs (this brand has it’s reputation for good reason) we have a completely comprehensive V2 Cigs Review inside, but check out a preview of why we like V2 so much below&#8230

What s So Great About V2 Cigs?As mentioned, V2 Cigs is our number one pick for electronic cigarettes. But why? Allow me to explain in some further off, this is really nothing new. For 16 straight months, we ve crowned V2 Cigs as the best of the best! They lead the way in brand innovation, customer loyalty, and product satisfaction. No one can compare to their overall offering although they certainly do try!

Personally, I ve been using e cigs for nearly 5 years, and reviewed them for the past two. When I try to think back to how many brands and products I ve tried over the years, I lose count that s how ridiculous it is! I wish I had someone to help me navigate the choices, as I aim to do for you. And what I can tell you is that no brand s products have nearly as great an impact as those from V2 Cigs. After trying their products nearly a year ago now, I ve never gone back.

Now, the other products aren t bad. Really! But they aren t great either. And that s where V2 Cigs stands out. For example, look at battery options. There s four colors, three sizes, and automatic or manual options. Batteries are indicative of the choices V2 gives you because their products are about the best experience, for YOU!

And it just gets better! V2 Cig Just Keeps Delivering Where It Counts

They ve got starter kits for every type of smoker. Beginner Kits are great for the budget minded at only $34.95, or you can splurge for yourself or a loved one with the $169.95 Ultimate Kit. There s plenty of other kits in the middle which I ll get to in a moment.

Variety is only one piece of the puzzle. Choice matters little if the products are mediocre! Rest assured, V2 Cigs offer quality e cigs. Their vapor stands out far above the rest with exquisite taste, in ten different perfectly crafted flavors!

And what if you ve got questions on their products or your purchases? Customer support can make or break a company. V2 Cigs excels here too. Their batteries come with lifetime warranties unheard of in this industry! Their components, from batteries to cartridges, are all quality tested. I can t recommend this brand highly enough.

Let s break it down a little further. How do V2Cigs rank on specific categories?

V2 Customer Service 5/5

I m starting with customer service because it is such a cornerstone of this brand, and really does set them apart. After a weekend trip to Miami, I took the opportunity to visit V2 Cigs warehouse and their offices. I was blown away by the passion of their employees. Every single one does their best to ensure that they re delivering a quality product and a superior customer experience! What a refreshing revelation.

Their design expert was hard at work on the stylish Vapor Couture packaging, the COO was working with a product development partnership for new e cigs created in conjunction with the seller of Zig Zags, and they were so excited I could barely believe it! The energy in this company is comparable to being inside Facebook, or Apple. Truly inspiring!

And that comparison isn t made lightly. This company really is like the Apple of the e cig world. Their products are so simple to use, are always being improved, and they just want to make you happy. Nothing about their products is left untested, no stone unturned. Their innovation and dedication is unmatched!

So how well do they deliver? Well, for starters, shipping is lightning fast. Fulfillment of orders is crucial for maintaining repeat business. They re excellent in maintaining enough inventory to meet anybody s needs, and any question you throw at them will receive an insightful and helpful answer very quickly.

V2 Cigs is truly revolutionizing the e cig industry, not just in products, but in service. For more specific examples, read on!

V2 Vapor 5/5

Is their vapor all it s cracked up to be? Yes! No one can even come close. Their e cigs give you more vapor than anything I have tried before, with a remarkably satisfying throat hit and generous clouds of vapor. So if you are looking for better vapor, V2 Cigs is definitely the way to go.

V2 Flavor 5/5

Quantity is just one part what about quality? Who cares how much vapor you get if it tastes bad or just doesn t live up to what you d hoped? Thankfully, the flavor selection is vast and their flavors are salivating. The longevity of their cartridges will make you almost too impatient because you ll have to wait so long to try them all! With flavors such as tobacco, vanilla, coffee, and cherry, you ll be craving the taste every day.

Battery Life 5/5

How long can you smoke V2 Cigs? As long as you would like to! You can even smoke up to the entire day if you so please. Other batteries of the same size can t offer you that. So if you need an e cig that finally keeps up with your needs, turn to V2 Cigs.

Accessories 5/5

Your e cigs experience just can t be complete until you accessorize! And you can choose any accessory your heart desires with V2 Cigs. They ve got lanyards, they ve got cases, they ve got USB powered e cigs and much, much more! If you re looking for the whole package, V2 Cigs has got you covered in any aspect you can imagine.

My Experience With The V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit

I didn t want to just highlight the details of V2 Cigs as a company. I, your loyal reviewer, have gone above and beyond the call of duty er, vaping to give you an in depth review of the Ultimate Starter Kit!

If you want to know my actual experience with an actual V2 Cigs product, keep reading!

When the box arrived and I finally got to open it, I was already in love.

This kit had one no, two no wait, three batteries! And that was just the first thing I saw.

Everything that I had specified for my kit online at was there in the box. I got to choose th
ree colors, so I d selected one blue battery, one black, and one snazzy little silver.

For two of them, I opted for the XL battery size, which gives you a bigger 380maH capacity, more than doubling the capacity of competitors mini size ecig batteries. The standard battery still packs a hefty punch, though! I tend to prefer the ones with a higher capacity overall, and I love that it doesn t feel bulky or overly heavy.

I moved on to the sleekly designed packaging, marveling in the whole experience so far. Each piece was introduced in order to be most helpful. While there s also an included manual which I do suggest you read, the process of unwrapping your kit will teach you quite a lot about how the system works and what you re able to do with it. The packaging isn t just pretty, it s purposeful! And for further details you can always consult the detailed manual.

Speaking of Manuals, About Manual Batteries&#8230

What s the big deal with the manual batteries I mentioned earlier? Experienced users generally come to prefer manual batteries, once they re familiar with the subtle distinctions from automatic batteries and the benefits they can reap by going manual.

Automatic and manual batteries function slightly differently. Manual batteries have a button on them which is pressed to activate the heating element. The heating element is automatically activated by inhaling in automatic batteries, which is more convenient, but offers less control over your vapor.

Why would you want to have to press a button? Well, while automatic e cigs are closest in function to traditional tobacco cigarettes and therefore make for a smoother transition, the manual batteries give you an increased level of control over production of vapor from your e cigarette.

Vapor with manual e cig batteries can be thicker and therefore more satisfactory. By the time you re ready to inhale, the atomizer coil is pre heated by pushing the button, which allows it to give you the most vapor possible. Keeping the button pressed while you inhale ensures continued satisfactory vapor production.

There are plenty of e cig brands which don t even give you a manual option so many people don t even know what they re missing! But now you do, and you won t be missing it with V2 Cigs. Automatic e cigs are okay if you re just starting out and want an easy transition to get away from harmful tobacco cigarettes, but if you re ready to step up your game and are looking for multiple batteries, try a manual one!

V2 Cigs Overall

The Ultimate Starter Kit was simply amazing. We started using it right out of the box and, I confess, I am using it right at this moment! They give you longer life, more vapor, and the best value for your investment. Their products are solidly built and the company stands by them, while always seeking to innovate.

I want to underscore that this site is about finding the right e cig for you and whether or not that ends up being V2 Cigs, I am confident that V2 Cigs outpaces its competition by miles. Our overall goal with this site is to help our readers navigate the pitfalls of the e cig industry by avoiding scammers, bad service providers, overpriced products, or companies who just can t deliver. We ve got a ratings table to compare different brands, with in depth reviews of all brands and many, many products. We re confident that you ll be able to make informed choices when you use our site. And we re also confident that V2 Cigs deserves our number one spot on our list.

So if you re trying to sort through the countless e cig options out there, consider V2 Cigs! We think they re the best, and we know you can t go wrong.

Four square

Ecig mod e-flare brand names e cigarettes, ecig mod e-flare brand names e cigarettes suppliers & manufacturers on

Four Square is a well established and leading cigarette brand in India. Launched way back in 1964, the brand commands trust and reputation amongst its consumers and is known for its innovative ways to meet the changing consumer preferences.

Today, the Four Square franchise has a wide portfolio of variants that are available in both King size and Regular size segments, namely Four Square Kings, Four Square Special, Four Square Premier, Four Square Fine Blend and Four Square Rich Gold.

In its relentless pursuit to provide value to customers and leveraging advancements in technology, the brand has many firsts to its credit like introducing innovative pack designs with a tactile look and feel, and applying digital means to communicate with and delight consumers.