A dilemma of of the smoker / non-smoker relationship is that smokers must have a distance when they want to have a smoke. Because the others do not stand it. Tobacco users must be out of reach, but they do not always succeed. In such cases, non-smokers complain that they are bothered with the tobacco smoke exhaled. An obstacle can be eliminated if smokers take, for instance, a 25 feet distance from a house entrance. But even in such cases, they are not completely protected from curiosity. Some curious people like observing what others do apart from home. This behaviour is not polite, but it is a fact. And especially children like doing this. Why do they need to observe people who do not approach, is not explainable? How can we explain the behaviour of those who do not touch them and stream to be alone for personal matters?

But these “observers” do it and logically get portions of the second-hand smoke. They have a harm, which they provoke themselves, and start complaining that smokers trouble them with their habit. They do ask themselves what makes them follow smokers. Nor do they try to explain themselves or anyone else why they need to watch someone with cigarettes. They behave like kids and find ot right. It sounds comically, but it happens in reality.

Non-smokers find a solution in smoking bans and restrictions, no matter how smokers will react at at. Do the US laws prohibit the tobacco use? No. Why are non-smokers then so radical that they do not want to share the world with smokers?

Smokers and non-smokers can co-inhabit the world without any tensions. The only obstable is that they often do not want to respect the rights of each other. If they did, they would not trouble each other. They do not want to understand that our life can be like a train with smoke-free and smoking wagons. Smokers and non-smokers can travel by one train, without bothering each other in any way. Similar situations can happen anywhere if people have a mutual respect. Ask yourselves why you need to see a man light a cigarette and get in touch with him at that moment.

Let smokers be remote from you and do not inhale the second-hand smoke. Let them live as their pleasure is and do the same. Smoker must follow the rules alike the State of Utah set “As long as you are in these loosely designated areas, smoke all you want.”

Be more patient, decent, tolerant, and all problems will be resolved within a short period of time.

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