lucky_strike_blue_en_nbLucky Strike cigarette brand is characterized bya delicate taste and an eye-catching design. “L.S.M.F.T.” (“Lucky Strike means fine tobacco”) is a direct message that was indicated on the package in 1917. Meanwhile, the brand started promoting a motto “It’s Toasted”, so that smokers could realized the offered process that was utilized for production.

In 1871 R.A.Patterson of Richmond, Virginia, USA presented the Lucky Strike cigarette brand. Nowadays, Lucky Strike enjoys a great popularity of very loyal fans. Because of the detailed producing process the cigarettes Lucky Strike are proved to provide a saturated flavor. This brand is known as “Lucky” because it originates from “luck”. Lucky Strike makes you lucky as soon as you try it. The superstition cannot deceive.

Lucky Strike cigarette brand is a part of modern games, books and films. It was transformed into a star for smokers who live in this world. Raymond Lowey who invented the Lucky Strike logo was a talented industrial designer. His worked on the logos of “Coca Cola” and “Shell” as well. The results are still evident.

The first packs of this brand of cigarettes were of dark green color, but then in 1942 it was changed to white one. Officially it was explained with the purpose of reducing the chromium and copper materials use. That colorful image was appealing to more women who just started smoking.

Logically, we can say that this brand ows its great success to an interesting producing process and advetising motto. The method of tobacco cultivation and producing is so not like the other leading brands: the tobacco is initially toasted, and not sun-dried (this is important).

That is a procedure that helps Lucky strike cigarettes become more pleasant when smoking and makes Lucky Strike be only one of its kind. The taste is refined and its flavor is tender. Real Lucky Strike smokers can recognize it at once and this is done without any difficulty.

Take up the given option to add absolutely new way of smoking into your life! The offered flavored Lucky Strike cigarettes are just the masterpiece ever created in the tobacco industry. The assortment of the brand including Lucky Strike Original Silver and Lucky Strike Original Red at the best price will make the day of every wayward smoker. The choice will be the correct one! To be lucky is always to be happy and successful! Be lucky when you smoke this brand!