American tobacco is the marketing engine of the modern tobacco industry. The headquarters of the industry’s largest manufacturers are located in the USA, illustrating the region’s influence on market conditions. Today, the United States ranks second in the world for companies specializing in tobacco products.

Leading North American tobacco companies have succeeded in combining in their products the best achievements of European, Latin American and Asian tobacco companies that we sell as cheap cigarettes from our online shop: When it comes to flavor preferences, American blend (a blend of three types of tobacco invented in the USA: Virginia, Oriental and Burley) is considered the benchmark; When it comes to smoker safety, the charcoal filter invented by the American engineers at Kepto immediately comes to mind; When it comes to popularity, it’s impossible not to mention Marlboro’s bright red packaging; For elegance and convenience, the filter tip invented by Parliament brand engineers.

All of them can be purchased as cheap cigarettes online. The list goes on, but the main argument in favor of North American cigarettes is their availability. In Australia, tobacco products are in high demand. Buyers in the country are familiar with brands of American origin, such as Bond, Camel, Marlboro and LM.

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