Children and advertising is a sticky issue. We re careful with our kids. Provinces and states have rules about what children can be shown. There are laws against directing advertising for things like alcohol or other substances at children. Which is what makes the 1960s Flintstones cigarette ad so jarring.

When the show first aired, Winston brand cigarettes were one of the primary sponsors of the Flintstones. As such, Fred, Barney, Betty and Wilma could routinely be found in commercials lighting up a Winston and taking it easy. In later years, the Flintstones would try to erase their ties to the tobacco industry, going so far as to issue a public service announcement in 1986 for the American Cancer Association.

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I used to be a huge Marlboro Lights kind of guy. I would honestly smoke these quite regularly. My friend let me try Winston Lights one day and I can honestly say these are the smoothest cigarettes I have ever smoked. I haven’t looked back since

Great cigarettes. I have been smoking West Blue before Winston, and then I switched Winston Blue and I am still smoking it 6 years later. I love the smooth taste, nothing that burns your throat and how they don’t leave a weird aftertaste as Pall Malls.

Winston red was the best cigarette that I ever had it is the one that got me hooked.

Current cigarette. These burn very slow since they are additive free, and the exhale is the most pleasant I’ve ever had on a cigarette. It’s like it evaporates out of your mouth there’s NO chemical/gross taste at all.

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