Winston Silver are light cigarettes called before Winston Super Lights. The cigarettes were re branded after FDA has adopted new regulations which prohibited the use of the words Lights , Ultra Lights , Super Lights on the cigarette packages. Therefore cigarette manufacturers started to use color coded system. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company was not an exception.

Winston Silver cigarettes are known by its smooth taste and relevantly low nicotine and tar level. A cigarette contains just 0,4 mg of nicotine and 4 mg of tar. For reference, Winston Red (Classic) has 0,8 mg of nicotine and 10 mg of tar! These cigarettes are popular among female smokers, social smokers and teenagers. However considering that smokers’ interest in low tar cigarettes continues to rise, Winston Silver becomes more and more popular even among confirmed smokers. These cigarettes are not as addictive and much more pleasant to smoke than the strong ones. Although it’s all the matter of taste.

Today when e commerce goes ahead, more and more products can be bought online. Cigarettes are not an exception. Upon Google search cigarettes online there are a lot of websites that sell cigarettes. The prices they offer are really cheap. The main thing is just to find the reliable web source with good stuff and professional customer support team.

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The rest of the story: tobacco news analysis and commentary: r.j. reynolds publishes cigarette ingredients by brand; shows stupidity of fda tobacco law and demonstrates that anti-smoking groups are full of crap

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R.J. Reynolds also provides the specific combination of ingredients present in each brand of its cigarettes. For example, the ingredients in Camel Filters Hard Pack are

  • tobacco
  • water
  • glycerol
  • brown sugar
  • propylene glycol
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • sucrose
  • cellulose fiber
  • cocoa
  • licorice
  • diammonium phosphate
  • ammonium hydroxide and
  • natural and artificial flavors.

The Rest of the Story

The stupidity of the FDA tobacco law, crafted by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and supported by the major, national anti smoking groups, is that in response to this list of ingredients, the FDA has the authority to eliminate every single one of them …

… except for the tobacco.

This may come as a surprise to the anti smoking groups, but the one ingredient in the cigarettes which makes them the most hazardous consumer product on the market is …

… the tobacco.

I feel like organizing a “It’s the Tobacco, Stupid” march on Washington, D.C., and show up at the doorstep of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids to inform them of the breaking news that the tobacco is the ingredient which makes cigarettes deadly, and they can remove all the other ingredients if they wish, but cigarettes will still be deadly and kill hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Moreover, there is not a shred of evidence that Camel Filter Hard Packs will be any less hazardous if the FDA bans the use of glycerol, brown sugar, propylene glycol, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, cellulose fiber, cocoa, licorice, diammonium phosphate, ammonium hydroxide, and natural and artificial flavors.

If anything, banning these additives would be counterproductive because such an action would give the public a false sense of security about the improved safety of cigarettes and would divert attention from the real problem the tobacco. In addition, it would essentially result in the government fraudulently deceiving consumers into believing that cigarettes have been made safer by virtue of the removal of the non tobacco ingredients.

Remember the removal of non tobacco ingredients (i.e., additives) is already in place for one brand of cigarettes. Winston cigarettes contain only tobacco and water (look them up on the website if you don’t believe me).

Does the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids truly believe that Winston cigarettes are safer than other brands? Do the national anti smoking groups believe that by removing all additives, R.J. Reynolds has taken a step in the right direction? Do these anti smoking groups truly believe that if all cigarette brands were required to take the step that Winston has taken, and remove all the additives, that the world would be a better place by virtue of the improved safety of cigarettes?

In fact, the anti smoking groups don’t believe this, as evidenced by their action when Winston promoted its cigarettes by advertising the absence of any additives. The anti smoking groups forced R.J. Reynolds to put a special warning message on Winston ads, stating “No additives does not mean a safer cigarette.”

This is why the anti smoking groups are full of crap. On one side of their mouths, they are arguing that finding out the ingredients in cigarettes is a great thing and will save countless lives by allowing us to somehow make cigarettes safer or less addictive. On the other side of their mouths, they attack R.J. Reynolds for taking precisely such an action with its Winston brand and for having the gall to suggest to its consumers that the removal of additives was a positive step for public health protection.

If the anti smoking groups are not willing to assert that Winston cigarettes are in any measure safer or less addictive than other brands of cigarettes, then clearly the entire FDA regulation of cigarette ingredients is a complete and utter sham. Furthermore, the anti smoking groups have been lying and massively deceiving the public by arguing that the revelation of the ingredients is a huge step forward for public health protection.

This is worth repeating. If the health groups are correct, and understanding the ingredients in cigarettes is going to lead to some measure of public health protection, then must it not be the case that Winston cigarettes have added some measure of public health protection by completely eliminating all ingredients other than the tobacco (and some water)?

Unless the anti smoking groups are willing to concede that Winston cigarettes are safer or less addictive than other brands, then they are completely full of crap.

And since the anti smoking groups would not in their right mind assert that Winston cigarettes are safer or less addictive then other brands, they are completely full of crap.

The rest of the story is that the disclosure and regulation of cigarette ingredients/additives is a complete scam, designed to make it look like the health groups and politicians have done something to protect the public’s health, when in fact, even those very same health groups and politicians readily acknowledge that even the complete removal of every one of these ingredients and additives does not confer the slightest degree of improved safety or lowered addictiveness to cigarettes. Not a single one of these groups or politicians would argue that Winston cigarettes have a public health benefit compared to other cigarette brands.

In other words, they are all full of crap.

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