Smoking without the smoke

On the face of it, they deliver the impossible the chance to smoke without the smoke. Because there s no smoke, there s none of the harmful or toxic chemicals that damage your own health or those around you. Because there s no risk to anyone s health, you can smoke them in places where regular, tobacco burning cigarettes are banned.

So far, so good but, if there s no smoke from tobacco being burned, can these devices really satisfy the craving that smokers want? To help answer that question these pages review a number of the best products available to smokers who want the satisfaction that cigarettes bring, but in an entirely new, harm free and unrestricted way.

How Do They Work?

Although we ve reviewed the leading products available and there are naturally differences between each of the patents electronic cigarettes rely on some common features for satisfying the craving that smokers enjoy.

True to the name, of course, smokeless cigarettes are just that there s no smoke because there s no fire, nothing burning

Instead, the simple act of inhaling or drawing on them triggers what is commonly called a flow sensor . Thanks to the small battery pack, it is this flow sensor that triggers the release of a water vapor containing the active ingredients

Nicotine (or a simulated nicotine flavor to achieve nicotine free smoking)
Propylene glycol a harmless and odorless, vaporize able base for diluting the nicotine liquid (or flavoring) and A scent for simulating the smell of tobacco.

This list of ingredients helps to explain the simplicity of providing a nicotine fix by an alternative method of delivery to actually burning the tobacco or for simulating the taste and favor of smoking a nicotine free cigarette. Yet because these are all smokeless they are free of the smoke borne carcinogens that damage your own health and those around you. They, therefore, can be smoked in places where the conventional ones are banned like the workplace or office, restaurants, airplanes, parks or the beach.

Keeping up appearances

The brands we ve reviewed here are all remarkably realistic in appearance that is to say, they all look, feel and handle just like a real , conventional cigarette.

It s an important consideration, since the look and feel of a cigarette the way it feels between the lips and fingers of the smoker, together with its appearance to those around you, is all part of the smoking experience or ritual . So, the diameter, length, color, filter tip and texture are all reflected in the outward appearance of the product as well as the tip lighting up giving a more vivid sense of authenticity.

Comparing E Cig Products

As you read through these pages about the reviewed products, you will notice the variations between the different brands on offer. As a general guide to the specific brand that would suit you best, however, you might want to pay particular attention to some of the following features

Battery life the small batteries provide the power through which the product heats up and vaporizes the (nicotine or nicotine free liquid) and lights up the tip of the cigarette to make it glow. Different products, therefore, are likely to come with a different (rechargeable) battery life. Similarly, the time taken to recharge the batteries might also vary

Smoke volume one of the keys to the authenticity of e cigarettes is the volume of vapor exhaled by the smoker. Although this is composed of entirely harmless water vapor, as it passes through the lips it feels very much like smoke to the smoker and, so, enhances the experience. The greater the volume of that vapor, therefore, the closer it is to smoking a conventional cigarette

Nicotine levels just as with regular cigarettes, they offer a range of nicotine levels to suit the taste and habit of the individual smoker. The advantage with an electronic cigarette, however, is that the desired level of nicotine can be selected as simply as choosing the appropriate cartridge. Typically, these come as either regular , low , or medium , whilst for those who enjoy smoking without an active ingredient can choose an entirely nicotine free cartridge

Flavor and taste savoring the flavor and taste of a cigarette is one of the attractions of smoking. There s no sacrifice of that enjoyment with the majority of brands. Most of the cartridges under review in these pages are available in a wide variety of flavors from the regular flavor of tobacco, to menthol, and even apple or strawberry flavors

Starter kits although they are gaining popularity amazingly quickly, e cigs are a fairly new idea and some people might doubt their ability to satisfy. It is encouraging to note, therefore, that most of the reviewed products are also offered in the shape of starter kits handily sized packages that will give you an opportunity to try them out without having to change the habits of a lifetime by immediately giving up your favorite band of regular cigarette

Warranties and money back guarantees even if you re buying a starter kit, many of the e cig brands under review come with the additional warranty of your money back unless you re completely satisfied with the product. In those cases where there is no money back guarantee, then the manufacturer nevertheless offers a warranty that the product will be free from any defects in materials or workmanship, so that, if necessary, the cigarettes and any packaged accessories will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer s expense.

Whether you re a seasoned smoker of conventional cigarettes or simply want to enjoy a novel experience, e cigarettes allow you the freedom to smoke where you want and when you want, if you are from the UK then check out this e cigarettes UK site for the latest reviews. If you d like to learn more about switching to an alternative way of enjoying a regular smoke, without the odor and health threatening properties associated with tobacco, simply click through to the pages reviewing some of the leading brands of smokeless cigarettes.

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