Bought these on a whim because I felt like switching it up from the usual Reds. Bad decision, really. On the upside, they’re cheap, they’re aesthetically packaged, and they have a sweet, chocolatey sort of smell before they’ve been lit. Once lit, though, the taste is rather weak kind of funky, even and the strength of the smoke is an issue, too. It’s not strong enough to be a Red, but it isn’t easy breezy like a light it doesn’t find a good middle ground, either. Something just feels off about them. I feel kind of cheated, really had such high expectations after seeing the packaging and smelling the tobacco, and the end result was rather underwhelming. Maybe I’m not being fair, though they’re not particularly bad, anyway. Overall, if you’re on a budget and still want Marlboro, you could definitely do worse. I don’t spend much money on smokes, though (I smoke half a pack a day at the most, almost always less than that), so for me they’re just not worth it. I treat smoking more as a luxury than anything, so if I’m going to indulge in a harmful substance, I may as well enjoy doing it.

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What is the length of a marlboro cigarette

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