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Patrick&apos s People Teacher Get Students Moving KPLR 11
Patrick&#39 s People Teacher Get Students MovingKPLR 11BY PATRICK CLARK REPORTER A St. Charles teacher is stepping up her efforts to get children moving. In Monday&#39 s Patrick&#39 s People, Patrick Clark shows us how her efforts are paving a path that many little feet are following to get up, out and exercise.

St. Charles woman accused of selling stolen fighter jet parts on Craigslist
St. Charles woman accused of selling stolen fighter jet parts on Brian Feldman / News 4 ST. CHARLES, Missouri (KMOV) A St. Charles woman is accused of selling stolen F 16 fighter jet parts on Craigslist. Rena Werber told police she knew what she was doing was wrong, but was blinded by the approximately $14000 …

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    Dear Customers! We are happy to announce that starting with today we have special discount offers for the following products Davidoff ID Ivory $1900 Davidoff ID Blue $1900 Davidoff ID Orange $1900 Additionally we recommend you to check out two new products Kent HDi Blue $2130 Kent HDi Silver $2130 offered by famous European…

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    Dear Valuable Customers! Here is the list of newly added cigarettes products in our catalog Blood Cigarettes Blood Blue $1245 Blood Gold $1245 Blood Red $1245 Davidoff Cigarettes Davidoff ID Ivory $2300 Davidoff ID Blue $2300 Davidoff ID Orange $2300 Galaxy Cigarettes Galaxy Astatium $2150 Galaxy Argentium $2150 Galaxy Aurum $2150 Harpy Cigarettes Harpy 4 $1245 Harpy 6 $1245 Harpy 8 $1245 Rothmans Cigarettes Rothmans Blue $1600…

  • 24.12.2012 Special Christmas Cigarettes Sales

    Dear Valuable Customers! Our Company is sending the warmest congratulations to you and your families! New Year is always a “new page” in your life. Wishing You Health, Wisdom, New Achievements and Happiness! We appreciate your cooperation and would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season! Everyone likes sales and discounts! We are glad to remind you about our special CHRISTMAS Offer! Our company s staff is always eager to provide you with the excellent customer service and easiest shopping experience you’ll ever have. Our production has been selling well and obtained very…

  • 02.12.2012 More Teens Are Smoking

    Maine is one of the top states in terms of spending on buy cigarettes prevention and cessation programs, a new report finds, yet more kids are picking up the habit. Maine is spending $9.4 million in fiscal year 2012 on its anti cigarettes programs, according to a report released Tuesday by a coalition of public health groups. That s barely half the $18.5 million recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and $500,000 shy of what the state spent in the last fiscal year. Still, Maine ranks sixth in the country in anti cigarettes spending. For the last 10…

  • 01.12.2012 Report On State Anti smoking Campaigns

    A new report shows state programs designed to reduce cigarettes use have been cut by 12% in the past year. The report by the Coalition of Public Health Organizations, says 36% of the funding has been cut in the last four years. Peggy Huppert of the American Cancer Society says that s disappointing in the wake of Iowa s 65% funding cut. We knew what the situation was here in Iowa, now we see that we are part of a very troubling national trend, Huppert says. All states have faced budget troubles, but Huppert says Iowa s cut is linked more to politics. Huppert says, No other…