pallmall_full-filterPrimarily, it is necessary to consider that the Pall Mall cigarettes were the brand, expanding in the smoking products market during the past age. Norm sizes of these cigarettes are 85 and 100 mm. In the market, these cigarettes are considered as a mild version.

This trademark’s name originated from one famous street of London. Three basic features form this street’s image: performance, wealthy inhabitants, charm of their life. These cigarettes were programmed to be nice and perfect, pass to the preferences of each smoker, be unique. As a result, they had become fashionable and client-friendly worldwide.

The marketing of all cigarette companies during the 20th century was to introduce such cigarette brand, which would have a good value and reasonable prices. Consumers wanted to smoke high-quality cigarettes, but their extreme prices were a barrier, which could not be broken by everyone. Just near 1950 qualitative cigarettes could at last become affordable to middle-class consumers, whose salaries were not too high. Consumers were in need of some solutions to let them use top-value products without any extreme risk for their budgets.

The Pall Malls were one of the best solutions of that kind.

Nowadays, such cigarettes as Kent, Marlboro, Salem, Camel quality-tobacco brands are worldwide marketed against reasonable prices. But such promotion was originally adopted by marketing Pall Malls, the strategy that let this brand win true clients and fans. The price/quality correlation of this brand was a measure that attracted and inspired consumers to give a preference to these cigarettes.

One specific promotion way was right and caused the purchase of the Pall Mall brand by such cigarette market giants as British American Tobacco, Brown and Williamson, RJR, whose managent could estimate the importance of Pall Malls for their markets. The ownership transfers from one company to the other created an aura of this brand and attract attention to it globally. At present, the Pall Mall brand is recognized as an international trademark preferred by consumers of various countries and cultures.

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