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Disposable electronic cigarette top 10 brands

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Before we delve into the list of the top 10 disposable e cigarette brands, it is important to consider the things that consumers want from the products.

First and foremost, they want a product that satisfies their cravings at a price that is affordable but realistic.

Second, they want a product that isn’t cheap or ugly looking it should be either realistic looking or aesthetically appealing.

Finally, consumers want a disposable electronic cigarette that is available in many different flavors so they will not become bored with their options over time.

In the end, however, the best option is the one that best suits the needs of the individual user.

Green Smoke

Although their electronic cigarette starter kits are not ranked quite as highly, Green Smoke s disposable electronic cigarettes are on the top of the charts with consumers.

Although some people were put off by the fact that these must be purchased in a six pack for $59.97, those who went ahead with the purchase noted that it was a great decision. For USA click here and for UK and Europe click here

Users noted that the disposable product had a great taste and throat feel which was very comparable to that of high powered rechargeable options.

The product is available in various flavors which include real tobacco, menthol and others, and some retail vaping outlets carry Green Smoke singles in prices ranging from $10 to $12 per cigarette.


V2 offers disposable electronic cigarette options in tobacco or menthol flavors and there are no novelty flavors available.

The single disposable electronic cigarette costs right at $10 on the V2 website.

Overall, consumers stated that they enjoyed the smooth flavors that the product provides and that it seemed realistic enough.

The primary complaint with these disposable e cigarettes is that the battery automatically cuts off after about three seconds, meaning that those who like to take deep draws on their disposable e cigarette will be limited.

It is a good option for light to moderate smokers.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is also ranked highly among disposable e cigarette brands because of the realistic taste.

Flavor choices are limited here and a single disposable electronic cigarette can only be purchased from bricks and mortar retailers.

The company offers them in four, eight, and 12 packs which range in price from $39.99 to $99.99.

Users claim that the cigarette looks and tastes realistic and is ready to use right out of the package. The product is all one piece and is pre loaded with liquid e cigarette juice.

Premium Vapes

Premium Vapes offers one of the biggest varieties of all of the disposable e cigarette brands. Flavors include tobacco, menthol, blueberry, vanilla, cherry, grape, coffee and strawberry.

There are also disposable e hookahs available here too something that is relatively new to the vaping market.

All products are $9.99 for a single disposable electronic cigarette and users report that the flavors are realistic, the throat hit is pleasing and their tobacco cravings were completely satisfied after using this product.

Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs offers a disposable electronic cigarette that is taking the nation by storm.

The sleek black and blue appearance is appealing, but it is the vaping experience that really impressed them.

Though they are only available in regular tobacco and menthol, those who have tried several brands state that Blu offers the most realistic experience out there.

Singles can be purchased for between $10 and $12 at retailers across the country, but the Blu website offers four packs for $39.95 plus shipping.


Tsunami offers a disposable electronic cigarette that is not only powerful, but also flavorful and inexpensive.

The products are available in a wide variety of flavors which include blueberry, Blueberry Mint, fruit punch, cherry, Hawaiian Tropical, Luscious, Melon Dew, Menthol, Vanilla Creamy Cloud, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon, Citrus Mint and tobacco flavor in various nicotine levels.

Users noted that the throat hit was quite strong, so this product is recommended for those who smoke full flavor cigarettes.


Smooth is another disposable electronic cigarette option that is only available for purchase in bricks and mortar stores typically in vaping outlets.

These provide users with a realistic smoking experience in three different strengths 24mg and 18mg tobacco and 18mg menthol.

Users noted that the disposable e cigarette was quite light when compared to other brands, the throat hit was nice and strong without being overwhelming, and the menthol flavor was like real menthol rather than the minty taste associated with others.

However, users also noted that the battery life seemed short.

e Swisher

e Swisher, branded under the famed Swisher Sweets name, offers a natural smooth disposable electronic cigarette that is touted as being one of the best and most realistic experiences out there, but it is certainly not for everyone.

There is only one option available here the 18mg tobacco flavor but the two pack only costs about $12.99 which is considerably less than the competition.

This is the perfect choice for those who want real tobacco taste at the most affordable price possible.


Logic disposable e cigarettes are available in both tobacco and menthol flavors in 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.4% and up to 0.1% nicotine strengths.

This is by far one of the highest quality products out there in terms of the smoke juice which is distilled three times for maximum flavor and clarity.

The battery is 40% to 50% more powerful than others on the market, and it allows users to customize the throat feel by adapting the way in which they draw on the unit

The vapor itself is much thicker and richer tasting than many of the other disposable electronic cigarette products on the market.


Square 82 is this company s line of disposable e cigs and it is ready to go right out of the package.

The company offers a product with a moderate throat hit and realistic flavors that come in traditional tobacco, menthol, strawberry, punch and even clove something that many e cig companies have yet to offer.

Each e cig costs $9.99 on the company s website and is equivalent to 500 traditional puffs or two and a half packs of regular cigarettes.

Which is the Best Disposable?

When all of the aforementioned factors are considered and after compiling data from thousands of customer reviews, there are two favorites in the disposable e cigarette category.

When it comes to flavor and throat feel, Tsunami takes the grand prize with its offering of a wide variety of novelty tastes and powerful batteries.

However, when it comes to a realistic flavor and a great value something that most consumers can agree upon the winner is Green Smoke. With a fair price of right at $10 per electronic cigarette, a throat hit that feels just like the real thing and a tobacco taste that makes one forget he or she is not smoking a real cigarette, this is the perfect choice.

Again, there is no real way to determine the best disposable electronic cigarette for everyone. People all have different tastes and they want different things in their vaping experiences.

These are the 10 most popular disposable e cigarette brands, however, and we recommend starting here for your disposable vaping needs.

Also have a look at our best electronic cigarette brands top 10 list for more info on starter kits and standard versions.