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Buy electronic cigarettes online – nicolites

Totally wicked responds to the european parliament decision to regulate electronic cigarettes that will cost lives

The need to give up smoking cigarettes is a pretty compelling one В what with all the obvious health risks associated with smoking, such as cancer, lung disease and more. Yet, as a smoker, you know only too well just how difficult quitting can be. There is no feeling that is harder to ignore than that of your body urging you to spark one up and get that nicotine fix your body is craving. For many, it is impossible to say no. So what can we do in this situation? Simply resign ourselves to the fact that we have a one in three chance of developing cancer, simply because we canВ t stop smoking???

Not anymore. If you buy electronic cigarettes online, you have the answer to all your problems right there in your hands. Electronic cigarettes are a fantastic new device for smokers who are concerned about the health effects of smoking В realВ cigarettes. With these great little things, you donВ t actually smoke tobacco, yet you still continue to В smokeВ and get all the nicotine that your body needs! Why? Because instead of burning tobacco, electric cigarettes create a vapor laced with nicotine instead В thatВ s right, vapor! So itВ s completely safe.

The number of people who buy electronic cigarettes online has shot through the roof in recent years, despite the fact that they were only introduced to the market in the last decade. Yet despite this, they have proved to be a massive hit among smokers all over the world, either because they are healthier, or because they allow smokers to continue smoking in public places. Other reasons for their popularity include the fact that they are safer В there is no fire involved so there is no chance of your house burning down!

But how do they taste? I am sure you are wondering this. Surely they canВ t taste the same as real cigarettes???

In actual fact, you would be surprised how good they do taste. While itВ s impossible to replicate the taste of tobacco smoke perfectly, it is possible to get very close to it, and thatВ s what people who buy electronic cigarettes online have said В these devices are available in a range of flavors too, so you even if you smoke menthol or cherry cigarettes normally, you wonВ t miss it.

Okay, but can they actually help you QUIT SMOKING?

This is the big question, and the honest answer is В yes and noВ . Why do I say this? Because, I am now addicted to electronic cigarettes, thatВ s why! Buy electronic cigarettes online for yourself and you will see they really are good, they give me my nicotine fix, and they give me something to do with my hands. I havenВ t actually stopped В smokingВ of course, and IВ m still hooked on nicotine, but the way I get my fix now is completely harmless compared to how I used to get it.

Interestingly, while I have only swapped one way of smoking for another, I am cutting down on my nicotine intake, as e cigs come with varying strength cartridges. I used to smoke the full strength ones, but now I have cut down and only smoke light e cigs, and so my hope is that IВ ll be able to give up smoking for good before too long.

So if you want my recommendation, buy electronic cigarettes online and give them a go! They really are a true, healthy alternative to smoking tobacco!